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Medical Issues Of A Tech Guy

Since we have a computer store, it’s important that we have health insurance for all our tech guys because our tech guys do a lot of heavy lifting for computers all day and they sometimes hurt their back while working.  Sure we have workmen comp.  but truth be told workmen comp isn’t enough when these guys get hurt.  Why?  because I’ve heard stories about these guys who hurt their back and can’t get back to work for months.  And back home, there are people who goes see an acupuncturist and these acupuncturist are becoming quite popular in the West too.  But I’m a bit weary about the acupuncturist here because you never know if they are really qualified.  So if they are not – can one get insurance since they are not really doctors?  So I tell the guys that work for us to be very careful when they are carrying heavy stuff – and yesterday one guy tripped and hurt his legs really back – bruised big time and because he is diabetic – I’m very worried for him.   It’s not easy owning your own business because you have to take care of your employees not only because of obligation but because we really care about them.

Pink Galaxy S2 From Samsung

While the Koreans already have their Pink Galaxy S2 by Samsung last year in November 2011 – we can expect this in February just in time for Valentine’s day.  So for those who don’t know what to get for their girlfriend this Valentine – this will score you brownie points big time. At 499.99 pounds in UK – so I guess for us in North America we will still have to wait quite a bit?

Geeky People Loves Unique Things

If there is anyone who loved funny t shirts it has got to be all the geeky friends that I know and work along with everyday.  They really enjoy a good laugh and have a huge sense of humor and you’ve got to love some of the funny and awesome quotes on the funny t-shirts.  Most of the time when I do buy funny t-shirts they are not for myself – they are usually for my friends and one of the above – I know that I can definitely give to a lot of my friends who dates the most horrid people but instead of giving it to them in their faces – I just give them a funny t-shirt and hope they get the hint.   I also loved to make custom t-shirts for some of my friends too – and I get all these ideas online and order them online.  But for those out there who wants to give their friends some funny or unique t-shirts – you should because it’s way too funny and they remember you everytime they wear the t-shirt.

The WWW Turning Couples Into Strangers

When I saw this cartoon – I said to myself – OMG!  this is the spouse and I.  Well, truth be told not so much I – but the spouse.  Can you imagine watching tv with him and he turns to his netbook and does his own things or he would fall asleep?  Yes!  very frustrating – sometimes I wished I could smack him on his face and shock him up.  So has technology turned couples into strangers?  I did mentioned many a times to the spouse that I communicate better with him on MSN messenger than personally because he always sounds so darn grouchy – I rather not talk to him at times.

I can’t say it’s a bad thing the internet because I met my spouse online – else we won’t have met – but the almost hanging on to the internet for 20 hrs a day – just is not good practice for anyone – even the ones who doesn’t have a family, spouse and a kid.  But I don’t want to be his mother and tell him what he can do and what he cannot do – so what do I do ?  yes! i’ve tried arguing with him – I’ve tried mocking  him – I’ve tried ignoring him – now what else can I try?  I mean it works and he stops for a while and then 2 days later – he goes back to doing what he does best – either on the internet or the tv playing games.

It’s not the WWW – it’s not the games or the console – the problem lies on the person – the spouse is addicted to these things.  Sure a big part of it has to do with work – but really – sleeping only a few hours a day and eating junk all day ?  mannnn!! this guy is going to have not only a health issue – he will have some social issues when he is old.  I just hope he has a lot of insurance and a good health plan.


Can you imagine receiving this when you were a kid?  The Magical World of Moss – where a kid’s imagination can soar and they can play with their Twig Terrariums – and show them off to their friends and show and tell in school.You can buy them assembled or you can have them as DIY. Check out – they go as low as $20 and as expensive as $125.

Valentine’s Gift For A Geeky Girlfriend

This techy chick was asked by another geeky friend what he should get his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day  – and since his girlfriend is very much like himself and would already buy all the games and any kind of accessories for the computer already – he is lost.   I told him that even though his girlfriend might be as geeky as him and not like flowers –  no one can resist a box of chocolate roses – my best  Girlfriend Gifts suggestion.   So for those whose girlfriend is not into the girly stuff – try this chocolate roses because everyone loves chocolate – and chocolate plus roses – perfect gift.

Digital Price Tagging

Digital pricing tags may not be popular here yet but in Singapore and other parts of the world – like South Africa – already started digital price tags.  Japan had digital price tags since 2006 – and some parts of USA has digital price tags.  So what are the pros and cons of digital price tagging?

I say it makes everything easier for the night shift fellas –  who needs to take stock and re – price everything if they needed to go on sale or not on sale.  The cons – would be – the hacking part into the store  – I haven’t heard of any yet – but we’ll have to see eh.  So how much is changing everything into digital price tagging?   I figured it must be a lot – but no one had reported the cost as of yet – but small businesses like ours – I doubt you will see digital price tagging anytime soon.  Even Walmart may not go digital price tagging – since they won’t even chipped their debit and credit card machine.

Phone Cases

Like all new cellphone owners – we always loved to dress up our cellphones – some loved to bling them – but I just buy phone cases for them.  So I went out and paid like $30 for my Blackberry phone case – for my new blackberry torch only to find out that it doesn’t fit my cellphone.   My cellphone is a Blackberry Torch 9800 smartphone – while this case is for a 8500 series !  darn!  oh well – at least I can still use my cellphone without the case – but I’m hurting down some phone case again and there are a few places I can get them at the local mall.  I’m also thinking of getting some bling for my new blackberry – but I figured if i do it – it would be impossible to upgrade to another model but I do love some bling.

So even though I’m never a girly girl – I might shock everyone and get some bling bling.

I Want A Scooter

I am determined to get a scooter this spring – since I don’t want to drive.  I figured it shouldn’t be difficult to maneuver a scooter right?   And I want a swanky looking one too.

But my daughter had other ideas – because she wants to go riding with me – but she was scared just to sit behind me.  So we figured maybe if i had a scooter than had a side car – she wouldn’t be too afraid – and she wanted it pink – I think I can lived with it.

This custom made scooter is fantabulous!  I want to get something like that.

And of course, some Hello Kitty stickers like the one above – now that would be perfect but I know for sure the spouse would never ride in that – hahahah!

Pac Man Lights

For those who grew up in the Pac Man era, won’t you like to hang something like this in your yard?  I would definitely buy one if there is one for sale – so funny and brings back loads of memories.  I looked everywhere for it but can’t find one to buy – so if you know where I can get some of the above – let me know eh.  Alternatively, you can get some of these USB Pac Man lights from