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Mickey Mouse Decor Light

No one can resist these cute mickey mouse Disney led lights for your notebook or anywhere you wish for it to be placed – well – it needs to have a USB connected of course.  Perfect gift for a kid – or for those who are a kid deep down inside like myself.   A wee bit pricey – but what the heck – it’s cute! at $25 – you can get this from

SuperSpeed 7-Port Hub

Folks like us need a hub like this especially ppl like us who works with lots of computers and USB devices.  This is a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 7- port hub – so you can connect to as much as 7 devices – of course they need to have a USB connector.  And this is said to have one of the highest speed transfer – 10 tims faster than the 2.0 that we used to have.   But pricey – for $72.00 but if you run a business like ours – then of course – it’s a good investment. Check out – for the super speed hub.

Techy Chick Fixes Crib

While the friend’s husband is out at work, I helped my girlfriend fixed up her baby’s crib.  I loved those amish cribs because they are convertible beds as well – so it’s a great gift to give to anyone who is going to have a baby.  I put them together with my girlfriend without any help from her husband because this techy chick is really handy.  While others may not find it easy to do – I loved putting cribs together and then putting on the bedding and the comfortable – making everything look pretty for the baby makes one feel so wonderful.  I loved helping my girlfriends out because you know if the crib they bought are good ones or not and the amish cribs are one of the best that i liked a lot.  Not only are the quality great – they are easy to put together.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventures

So the spouse bought the starter pack to play with the kid – and they loved it – the game I mean.  And even though I am not for buying new games – he said they were on sale for like $50 at superstore – this game normally goes for $70 + tax.

I think the kid loved this game because of the portal where you need the figurine to be on the portal to get it to work.  Gadgets are not only a powerful way to get the kid addicted but adults loved the gimmick in the portals as well.  From what I read – you need more toys to enable you to play in different levels but overall my kid who is 8 yrs old find it’s amusing and can understand the game easily.

Cheapest Tablet In The World

Yup! you heard me right ! so right that it is even too unbelievable for myself – for in October – it is said to be released at $35 USD.   Crazy much?  how can anyone sell a tablet that is good enough for anything to be worth $35 USD?  even a toy tablet would have cost more i hear you say.  Ridiculous as this may sound – this was reported i the straits time a few hours ago. Check out the story below.

MONTREAL (AFP) – A British technology company claims to have developed the world’s least expensive computer tablet for wireless Internet access.

At a cost of as little as US$35 (S$44) apiece, Datawind hopes to supply a market of billions of customers, many in underdeveloped countries.

The student tablet released in October costs US$35, but Datawind released an updated version of the Aakash computer tablet this month for the commercial market that costs US$50. It comes with more features.

Aakash is the Hindi word for ‘heaven’. The Aakash tablets reached their first users last fall under an information technology programme sponsored by the Indian government.

Bringing Back Some Childhood Fun

When we were kids – we didn’t have much to play with – because we were quite poor – but we always had a yo yo to bring to school and learned all sorts of tricks and had hours of fun with it.  I remember having made good friends with my yo-yo and my yo-yo kept me company and the more tricks I learned to do with my yo-yo – the more impressive I got with my little friends and it also taught me focus and how practice makes perfect.

This year, my daughter who is 8 years old had been asking for a better yo-yo to play with – and learn tricks on.  So I’m going to get one for her and bring some good old childhood memories – and create some good memories with my kid.

KISS & Hello Kitty

Yup ! just when you think you can’t get hello kitty in anymore different shape, sizes or even dressed up – they had to collaborate with KISS – the Rock Band and this is the outcome.  While we loved Hello Kitty to the max – I can’t see ourselves buying any of them.  My kid say that it just spoils the whole Hello Kitty cute concept.  Even though the top left hand corner one isn’t that weird looking – she still didn’t want any at all.  But I guess there will be kids and adults who would love to have the dark size of Hello Kitty – so power to them.  There is currently no price tag on the KISS hello kitty but you can be sure that they are going to be expensive.

Saving Money With Techy Chick

We’ve always known that LED lights are a lot cheaper in the long run and this year – we’ve changed every light at the store to LED lights.  Even the flashing lights on the display windows had been changed to LED bulbs – so we are not worried that the flashing lights are turned on 24hrs a day.  Now that LED lights and bulbs has come down so much in prices – it would only be smart to change everything over to LED lights not only for money reasons but for safety ones.  Don’t know where to get LED lights/bulbs?  try  this place led from for they have lots to choose from. Saving more and safety first – now that is a really smart move we’ve made and I’m not regretting it thus far.  We will be changing to LED at home too – I feel that it’s a must.

A Cat’s Lover Dream

So you loved your cat/s – and you want something that your cat can enjoy and lounge around on – without taking your favorite armchair from you.  This cat scratcher and lounger is made for cats who loved to scratch and destroys your furniture – and I know of many cat lovers who would just loved something like that on their window seal for their cats – so unique and classy looking making your cat feel so special.  For $59 – you can check them out at Pet Fusion.