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Working Hazard For Tech People

For someone who sits in front of the computer as long as I do everyday, you and I know that we have working hazards or should I say pain in the back from sitting so long all day. Back pain seminar was recommended way back when I was working in the hotel industry for anyone in the management because they say we are the people who sits too much in front of the computer and they want to make sure that we know how to prevent back pain or back injury.  For those who think that they cannot hurt their backs from sitting in front of a computer for a long period of time, then you don’t know what you are in for.  So if you have a back pain seminar in your work place or even in the community center – you should attend it – all tech people or people working in the office should know all about back pain.

iPad 4G LTE Too Hot To Handle

Sometime last week I had read in some forum that the new iPad – the iPad 4G LTE is a bit hot to hold for a long time. But some said they had expected it to be hot because there is no fan to cool of the gadget.   Everyone in the forum had their own opinion but we haven’t heard back from Apple as of today.  So your guess is as good as mine – I’m hoping it is not true – because I am gearing towards getting one for myself.

Online Work

I wished they had internet video conferencing some 16 years ago – at such a good price when the spouse and I were from the other side of the world from each other.  If we only had to pay $24/month for unlimited video conferencing – we could have saved ourselves a lot of money on phone calls and crappy video camera calls.   It would have saved us a lot of headaches too – and we would have better communication with each other.   I guess they don’t have to offer this service in the hotels now – since one can pay this little for the video conferencing on our own – the hotel charges exorbitant prices for internet video conferencing because of special equipment they had to purchase, so if I ever have to work for an expat company – I can work from home and use this internet video conferencing to communicate with them.

Draw Something Bought For $200 Million

I’m sure everyone knows by now that Zygna – the creator of your Farmville and Cafe World bought over the people who created Draw Something OMGPOP for over $200 million and yes – I want someone to buy our store for just a million – so that we can move away or back home and do nothing except some online business.  But of course, we are not so talented nor our store making so much profit that anyone wants to buy us over.

David Ko from Zygna had confirmed this and so had Dan Porter the CEO of OMGPOP.  Pretty wacky eh ! but congrats  to Dan Porter but of course, this is not the first time he had sold a completely successful company to another – and moved on to something better and bigger.

Funeral The Geeky Way

My nerdy buddy from USA – told me that if he was to die and have a funeral – he wants it done his way and not just the generic way.  How morbid I told him to talk about one’s funeral even before you die right?  But I can understand where he is coming from and since he wants to know how to plan a funeral he of course look online for it.   And being a geek and a nerd – he said he wants his casket to look like the above and he wasn’t even joking about it.  So I told him it’s a good thing that he is planning his own funeral else no one would be able to do that for him.   Which got me thinking too – about the spouse’s cousin who passed away last year – and he still don’t have a tombstone on his grave – and that’s because his parents cannot agree on what kind of tombstone he would like.  His mother said that he was an unconventional person – so she wanted an unconventional tombstone – while his father already picked out something but since they can’t agree on one – they haven’t put up one yet.  Now if it was I – I want a tombstone immediately to name my future home right?  so yes – planning your own funeral may be a little morbid but if you want it a certain way – I say to plan it now – and now that you can do it online – all geeks and nerds can do their own funeral planning way ahead of time.

New HTC Phone Makes You Want To Throw Your Digital Camera Out

Yes! it looks like Taiwan has these new HTC phone – that has camera so powerful that you can throw out your digital camera – so i’ve read today. The camera is one of the “One” series and it will be in the Asian market by April 2 – so us Canadians can cry about it for now and wait for it to arrive here – but maybe not eh.  Said to hav auto focus camera – in less than 0.2 seconds – one do not need to have both the phone and camera anymore.  Now if that is true – I definitely want one too.  But for $888 Sing dollars – it will not be something that everyone can afford.  I know that Asians can be quite crazy when it comes to their phone – unfortunately, for someone like myself – I won’t spend that kind of money but I can still admire it and try them out when it hits the street.  So watch out for these new HTC phones.

Voting Time Again

Voting time is round the corner at this town – so we are seeing lots of campaign yard signs being put up around town.  My town councilors had asked if we wanted to put up some signs for our business but whose would we put up and who do we want to support for this election.   Town by election can be quite tricky because you are going to be seeing all these councilors for the next 4 years so it’s important that we don’t offend anyone nor make those whom we are not voting for this new term to think that we don’t think they are good enough.  Owning your own business, you have to be politically fair.  So as much as we want to take some campaign yard signs to support some councilors we are not going to do it openly.

Apple 4G LTE

I know that some of my friends already have the new iPad actually also known as the Apple 4g LTE.  Check out the official apple video and you will see how amazing it is – in fact so amazing I’m tempted to buy it for myself.

Fancy Ear Buds

Cute and fancy earphones were found at a local book store in town.  I was suprised to see them but also pleased because no one in town sells them.  I would love to have one of them – if the kid would wear it – but because it has that sticking out piece and she wouldn’t wear it so – I didn’t forced her to buy it.

The ear buds/phones were cheap too – like only $9.99 – and comes in different cute shapes of fruits and ducks – so I’m sure it’s great for any kids.

I loved all of them.

Daylight Saving In Spring 2012

This Sunday we will all be turning the clock forward – so mark your calendar for 11 March 2012 and that only means that we can look forward to warmer weather and the summer and street wear soon.   I don’t know about others – but I sure hate winter with a passion and the sooner summer comes – the better it would be for all of us.  I can’t wait to put on my lighter street wear instead of having to layer my clothes, from shirt to sweater and then a jacket – I vote for street wear anytime and the only time one can do it – would be better weather.  So spring and summer come really soon.