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The Perfect Babysitter For Techy Kids

We have been having trouble getting a right babysitter for my kid – and I may need to resort to getting an iPad 2 or 3s for her instead even though there had been loads of debate on whether letting your kids play with the iPad while you do your work or chat with friends is a good thing.   What can one do when they are like in my situation whereby you pay someone good money to play with your kids and all they do is sit there and say that they are tired.  Yes!  you heard right?  I’m pretty fed up with hiring and paying good money for someone to babysit my kid when all they do is nothing  but whine.  So freak that !  like I said I’m gonna end up buying a $500 ipad and let my kid be a geeky kid instead.  But of course, having said that I’m not going to let my 8 yrs old play with the iPad the minute she wakes up till she sleeps but when I need to do some other things and I can get her interested in something that she can do on her own – maybe that would be the way to go.  I’m really considering it.  What’s your take on it?

4 Yrs Old Boy Shot Dad Over Playstation

What is the world coming to?  a 4 yrs old kid shooting his father for not buying him a PS3?  How in the world does a 4 yrs old knows how to use a gun?  I’m 47 and I don’t even know how to use one – so whose fault is it?  I’m thinking someone must have shown the 4 yrs old to use the gun – his father?  shot the father in the head?  how did the 4 yrs old get up to his father’s level and shoot him?  The boy is from Saudi Arabia – now there must be something really wrong here.

Impressing Your Employers During An Interview

Since we own our own business, many of the spouse’s “buddies” asked if they can use the spouse as a reference – and yes we’ve been in business for 13 years this August.  And it never fail to amuse me to learn that the buddies would think the to-be employee wouldn’t  do back ground check on them and just based on the reference that they put on their resume.   Now one thing for sure – if we were to hire anyone especially when it comes to our business – a back ground check is a must.

So how to you impress your future employers?  honesty !  before they do their back ground check it is best to make sure you tell them anything they don’t want to find out on their own.  At least if you are honest, you stand a chance to get hired on but if they did the background check and found out that you omitted telling them – then the chances of you getting the job is absolutely zero.  That would be how I would base my interviews on – when it comes to hiring a new employee.  So think about it – because back ground checks is a necessity for every business, if we don’t do a back ground check then we shouldn’t be hiring.

Wii Fit Plus

So someone was at the store the other day and asked me if the Wii Fit Plus that we had on sale  – is it a game or for health and fitness.  Now that was a good question don’t you think?  I think it is both – it can be a game and it can be for your fitness and health.   And yes, I’ve tried the Wii Fit Plus and personally I liked it because you can do it alone or you can do it with friends – and you don’t have to answer to anyone except for the tv and the game/fitness program.  I find that it keeps me moving and it does motivate me to eat less and more healthy.  So if you are looking to get the Wii Fit Plus and worry about it might be more of a game than health and fitness for you – no worries – I think it’s a good investment – but if I were you – i would get a previously used one – they work just as good.   Just my 2 cents worth.

Skylander Collection

Yes! our personal collection for the kid – we bought just about everyone we could find for her on a yardsale and from EB games and the latest from Walmart and she didn’t even ask for it. The skylander figurines are for the Skylander game – and the figurines does different powers for the game and the best part of the skylander figurines are they can be use for the PS3, the xbox 360 and the Wii and the PC too!  wow right?

Different figure has different powers and they also have memory to remember the game experiences and upgrades you have done. Some of the figures comes with stickers, or web codes and trading cards and magic items.  Pretty interesting and the kid and spouse loved the game for their sundays together.

R2D2 Xbox 360

Look Who bought the new R2D2 Star Wars xbox 360!!!  woohoo!! happy ! happy!  so what is so special about the R2D2 xbox I hear everyone asking me.   Well for all those Star Wars fan- this is something to remember their favorite movie by this limited edition of the Kinect Star Wars bundle.   The Kinect is custom designed and so is the console and controller, all based on the popular Star Wars character – the R2-D2.  You also get the Star Wars game and a 320gig HD – plus a wired headset and a game meant for the Kinect.   Now may the force be with you.

Gladiators Fantasy

Visited a friend’s home to borrow a game – and guess what he has in his apartment!  Need I say more?   Geeks not necessary are just into computers and gaming – and geeky stuff but I see this one is into Gladiator stuff as well.

Not cheap either – each of these sword.  I heard that some of these were specially ordered from Germany and various parts of Europe.

Turning Old Games Into Cash

Why keep games you don’t play anymore sitting on the shelf collecting dust?  why not turn them into cash or trade them in – and get other games you haven’t played before?  While some hang on to their games with sentimental value – for years, others smartens up and trade them for other games – instead of spending full price on another game.  But if I was trading them in for cash or credit, I would do it with a local store instead of big names like EB Games or Game Stop. Why?  because they won’t give you the kind of value a local store would – well, in my town anyway.  So yes, i’m supporting a local store – and also give a chance to others who cannot afford a new game to play with.  If you sell it to EB games or Game Stop – they would turn around and sell it for more than your friendly, local store owned by local people.