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Bloggers Are Pretty Influential In Asia

Photo :  AsiaOne

Don’t mess around with bloggers – because they will fight back – especially ones in Asia and as influential like Wendy Cheng aka XiaXue and folks in Asia should already know by now – that Wendy Cheng does bite back – hahah! and one can’t really blame her can you?  after all, if you are being attacked you defend yourself right?

I read the entry this morning on her blog and gotta give her credit for the long post she wrote to fight back at those who had written nasty stuff about her and her friend – of course, the people who had first written nasty stuff about her are upset because she had put up pictures of their families as well.   But you did ask for it right?  if you are willing to write nasty stuff about other ppl.  Good on Wendy Cheng for fighting back – I don’t think she should take it lying down.  So for those who wants to write shit about bloggers online – make sure you have thick enough skin to take it back – don’t go crying now!

Facebook Camera App

Facebook had just released its camera app a few hours ago – and now we all can understand why instagram was worth the $1billion payout.  Facebook camera app is a clone of instagram – unfortunately the new FB camera app’s filter isn’t as good as Instagram I found out.  I think there may be more work to be done with the new app – so I’ll let you know more when i find out more after testing it out for a bit more.

Exchange Student Spending Tons Of Cash On Gadgets

Yesterday an exchange student came into the store asking if we could order her a cellphone online as she doesn’t have a credit card.  The said phone came up to about $805 after taxes and she paid in cash of course.  This isn’t the first time that exchange student had come in asking us to help them order a gadget, just last month a taiwanese student asked us to order him a dell costing about $3000 – and he paid in cash. He explained that it would have cost him double if he had bought it in Taiwan – but these exchange student sure have money.  Well, more money for us at the store – because we did charge them for swiping our card to get the items for them.

Pirate Bay Attacked!

Ironic but true – the Pirate Bay was being attacked by a former member of Anonymous.  For 24 hrs Pirate Bay was down and no one was able to get onto the file sharing site – a Swedish site by the way that had been on the authorities black list for the longest time. But no worries – it’s up and running now.

Headphonies Micro Speaker – StarGirl

I wanted to get this for my kid – but she said it looks a little creepy !  but I thought it was so cute!  this micro speaker is colorful and definitely a great gift for a kid – well except mine.  No batteries needed only a USB cable for recharging – and you can carry it anywhere you want to share your music with your friends.  At  £19.99 – you can buy them online at


No Google Maps in iOS 6?

Rumor has it that Apple is dropping Google Maps in their iOS 6 and will be introducing 3D maps instead. The inhouse map is supported by the rumors of the quiet acquisition of Placebase and a few other mapping companies.

Many had said that Apple’s move to do away with Google Maps had to do with Google’s new monetization – and I cannot blame Apple for it.  In fact, the recent change of its terms of service whereby one has to pay a lot of money for its pay view – isn’t what anyone would like. But Google being Google – they feel that everyone owes it to them to give them money or no money for anyone else.   Not only Apple is jumping ship – a lot of Google’s big client had jumped ship too.  So lets see what Apple’s in house maps is all about.

Diablo III

Yes! we got the Diablo III as soon as it came out of course and the spouse wasted no time in trying it out and haven’t stopped since. And because of Diablo III we have been getting calls from customers looking to upgrade their video cards and power supplies as well in their PC – so it’s not really a bad thing for us.  Thus far, we already have a few people making some purchases on video card because of Diablo III.

So was it worth the wait for those die hard fans of Diablo?  12 years to be exact – but this was touted to be one of the biggest game and I beet Blizzard is making some money for it.  Many would play it online but thus far – the spouse I think had only played offline – I don’t have any idea why but after speaking with a few customers – they said that even the hardcore fans of Diablo finds that Diablo III didn’t disappoint at all.  As far as I can see from my side of the desk – it was a lot of killing and shooting and bombing.  So the final question – was it worth paying $60 + tax  for Diablo III I asked the spouse?  and his answer was yes – especially when he traded some games to EB games to get his – smart man!

Home Renovations

Some home renovations we can handle on our own but some we need to hire someone to do it for us.  I’m quite handy when it comes to fixing things and give me some shims i can even level a toilet for you.  It’s good to know a few things that way you don’t have to wait for the spouse to do everything or call on a plumber or an electrician but of course not everyone is as handy as I am – and for the more difficult things, the spouse would have to handle it.  I’m just glad that I married a Westerner because my Asian guy friends are not as handy – well unless they had stayed overseas for abit for work or studies then I guess they had no choice but to learn to be handy.

Sony Playstation Vita

So we got our hands on a PSvita just last week and yesterday I had a chance to play with it a little just to check it out.  It’s bigger than the PSP but it does looked a lot like a PSP if you see the picture below.  So what do I think about it?  I liked it – the screen is bigger and it makes me not worry so much about dropping it.  The color is good and the graphic is sharp.   Ours came with a memory card – 2 GB – so I can store my games in the memory card but I also noticed that the battery lifespan isn’t as long as I had expected but it can be connected to your PS3.

Thus far – I’ve seen quite a few games at other stores – but I don’t know if we will see any come into our store yet since this is a relatively new machine.  We paid less than $200 for it but if I were to go out and get a new one – I would need to pay closed to $250 + tax without a memory card.

Geeks Love Good Food

The funny thing about the people you meet online and turn into good friends are not because you love the geeky stuff but also food I noticed.  A group of geeky friends and I met during last weekend for some good food and I chose filet mignon because I would only eat filet mignon and nothing else.   When I was a kid I thought the T-bone steaks were the best but now that I’m older and know better – I only order the filet mignon but I’m not the only one who thinks that the filet mignon is the best steak around – all my geek friends think the same way too.  I love my internet friends – they are awesome to the max.