Archives for June 2012

Foreign Students Using More Gadgets

Just last week, a foreign student had asked us to buy her a iPhone 4S – which came up to a total of $805 Cdn.  She paid in cash and didn’t blink an eyelid – and this is not the first student asking for help in purchasing gadgets for them as they don’t have a credit card, so is unable to order themselves.  We do charge a small fee for using our credit card – afterall, it is a business – so I have to be able to justify it too.

The iphone 4S arrived promptly after a few days of ordering it from Apple Canada directly but we’ve yet to see the girl who paid for it.  We are still waiting – hopefully she comes soon – I hate to lose or break the iPhone at the store accidentally.

Upgrade To Windows 8 For Small Price

I’ve heard from friends back home that you can upgrade to Windows 8 for just $14.99 and yes it’s true but make sure you have a genuine copy of Window 7 – else you will be screwed or you PC/laptop will be.  So will you be brave enough to try it while it is still on beta?

Darn ! Facebook Suxs Tonight!

If you had difficulty getting into your facebook and see what your friends are up to – don’t fret – you are not the only one.  Apparently, friends from Asia are also reporting the same thing.  Looks like Facebook had some kind of outage but didn’t come to the forum to inform anyone yet.  Darn!  Facebook addiction withdrawal !  going to watch a movie instead tonite.

Techy Chick On The Road

We are heading up to the valley for the Apple Blossom festival – and lucky for us we started out late – as looking at these  Hydraulic Power Units  that are still on the road, I can only imagine the traffic jam they had earlier.   I don’t know what they are planning to do with the hydraulic power units but it sure cannot be good especially on a day like that.  We didn’t get out any earlier because the spouse had to work – so it is afterall a blessing in disguise for I had grumbled that he should have taken the day off.   Anyhow, we are just stopping for our dinner break – and will be arriving at the hotel closed to 10pm, this techy chick is going on a road trip.

Updating My Techy Chick Resume

I haven’t updated my resume for a long time and recently I’ve been asked if I was interested in some jobs in town – therefore, I’ve decided that I should update my resume.  But I was stumped and sat in front of my computer for hours not knowing where to start until I saw some resume writing help from a   site online.   Pretty cool right?  so next time when friends asked for help with their resumes – I know where to send them.