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For The Men Who Refuses To Carry Pink

The spouse who was going for the Magic the Gathering game in the city – refuses to borrow one of his kid’s backpack to carry all his cards and folder for his game because it was too girly. Well, for all those men out there who are this way – this is the perfect backpack for you.  This is not just your ordinary backpack eh – it’s the Gold Brick Backpack that comes with the full works.  Padded inside and cost about $70 from Sprayground.   So if you have spouse that are hard to buy for – check this out.  He can’t complain about girly backpacks no more.

Kinect For Kids


Mothers asked me all the time about kinect xbox  for their kids and they want my opinion about whether they should buy it or not.  So I show them what the kinect can do – and what my 8 yrs old love with the kinect.  We have the kinect because it’s more interactive and keeps the 8 yrs old busy with doing stuff and not just sitting and playing games.  Yes, she does play a game with the kinect, but at least she is up and moving and doing things with the game instead of just sitting and shooting stuff or moving along with the controller.  So if you ask my opinion about the kinect for kids, I say that some of the games are great for kids – like kinectimals but according to the spouse – most of the games on kinect are great for kids.  So if you are thinking of getting the kinect for your kids – I say go right ahead.

Samsung Supporting The Olympics With New Galaxy Accessories

Yes, Samsung being the Olympics 2012 official sponsor – I didn’t expect anything less from them. A special edition of the Galaxy S3 had been given to all the athletes and some special partners that are in the Olympics 2012.  But those who really wants the special Olympic edition of the Galaxy S3 – you can check with your friends in Taiwan because I’ve just learned that they are exclusive in Taiwan – and they come with a smartphone stand as well with 3 different Olympic figurines to hold your phone.  Interesting eh!  The accessories pack is only $10 and I’m sure  you will probably find them on ebay as well.

Fashion Your Own Camera

Great gift for my teenage niece – for $109 – she can draw, paint or glue whatever she wants on this wide-angle camera.  She would feel really good about it even if she wasn’t artistic at all.  From Lomography and it’s called La Sardina  – check it out yourself.

Cheese Or Crayons?

Crayola making cheese now?  no – hahha!! don’t be too shocked if you see this packaging in the cheese aisle when you are at the supermarket or the grocery stores.  It’s just Kraft and Crayola partnering with advertising gimmick  – whereby you can buy the cheese snacks for your kids and get $3 off  crayons with it’s package for the going back to school kids this fall.   Cute and pretty smart too  – because these cheese is going to look like crayon too – so get some for your kids and scare the hell outta the babysitter or grandma and grandpa.

Nerdy Moms & Jewelry

People seems to think that I only buy gadgets and computer related things – but little do they know that nerdy moms loved jewelry too – like my  mother ring  that the spouse and kid got me for mother’s day.  So even nerdy moms and girls loved jewelry and we know how to appreciate them like any other girls and woman out there.  If there is anyone out there who don’t love a good piece of jewelry than you cannot be a woman or girl – hahah! So if you are thinking of buying something for your nerdy girlfriend or wife – or co – worker – nice jewelry is still wins everything else.


Techy Chick Doing Charity Work

 I may not have a lot of money but I definitely can do a lot of charitable work like raising funds and going to the senior residences to help out.  But for those with an old car that they use anymore or scraping it – you can  donate your car  to this organization that accepts car donations and you can become a car angel.  With your car donation – I hear that they help others that needs medical attention or for children that needs food and drinks and more.  I’ve never donated a car before but I know we do have a truck that wasn’t working and we sold it for scraps for $250 – had I known earlier about car angels – I would have donated it to them.  It’s for a good cause and one has to learn to give back to society.   So I urge you to donate your cars or trucks that you don’t need no more – to car angels.