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Apple Against Samsung Again

Yes, Apple is at it again, getting the courts involved in getting an injunction for some of Samsung’s phone – 8 in fact I heard.  A US Jury already found that Samsung did indeed copied some features of the iPhone and iPad and incorporated them into their Samsung phones – Apple was earlier awarded a $1.05 billion in damages.  Samsung may lose a lot of business because of this ban.  But Apple had been winning a lot of battle recently – even with Google.

Comex 2012

Comex 2012 will start in 2 days in Singapore and I’m missing it for sure.  The last time I was at a Comex was more than 10 yrs ago and during that time it was a very happening event and loads of people attended the event and not only Singaporeans.  The Comex events attracts many buyers from all over the world and people from around the world are there to showcase their new products.

I heard that this year there will be lots of bargain and of course beautiful and attractive sales models parading with skimpy uniforms as usual.  And to be honest, I don’t really understand why you need skimpy dressed girls in the exhibition.  But anyone – if you are in Singapore be sure to go for it – because you also get loads of freebies.

Washable Keyboard By Logitech

Logitech’s latest washable keyboard for those who loved to spill their pop onto them or have pets and children around their home.  The washable keyboard is on sale at Logitech’s website for US $39.99 – so if you know of anyone who is clumsy – well – this is the present to get them this Christmas.

Kindle Fire Sold Out

For those like myself waiting for the Kindle Fire to be available in Canada – may not get a chance to buy it now.  It’s is said that the Kindle Fire is sold out in USA and Kindle had not announced if they will have more to sell.  What a bummer!  I was really looking forward to seeing a Canadian version of it.   A check on Amazon today – and true enough there is none on sale – ! darn!

Wedding For Geeks

When a fellow gamer at the store invited us for their wedding, we expected a more geeky kind of wedding but we were pleasantly surprised as it was a lot more tasteful than we had thought.  The  maternity wedding dresses  that the bride had to choose from I heard were not easy to find but she finally did find them and she was a lovely bride.   Of course, the bridal cake was what geeks would have expected – in fact, I think it was so appropriate I loved it and just want to cry because this was exactly how they met – online.   The bride was a happy bride and her maternity wedding dress fitted her perfectly.

Lighted Game Signs

We just got these lighted game signs all the way from Hong Kong and I’m so excited about it because they are not only for sale at our store, I want a few for our game room in the basement.

They are pretty good, light weight and shipping was great too.  Want some of this sign?  we sell them at our store for just $49.99.  Any true gamer or nerds must have some neon lighted signs.

Big Bang Theory T-Shirt

Fans of big bang theory the tv sitcom would love this t-shirt, I know of someone who had a lot of  customized t-shirts  that has to do with the big bang theory tv show.  Die hard fans I called them – and like everyone who followed the tv sitcom for years, I know you loved Sheldon best and his “Banziga” .  I myself have some customized t-shirt of the tv sitcom and those of Weeds – because I loved this two tv sitcoms the best.  We are all nerds in our family and we don’t mind all sorts of nerdy and geeky customized t-shirts – the weirder the better.

Hand Write A Search On Google

Interesting!  you can write on your phone or a table if you want to search on google for something now.  A feature introduce a few days ago – by Google of course, supposedly to help you find stuff more easily on Google.  But how easy is it to write and have the app recognise different handwriting – now that’s another question that needs testing before I can answer you that.

To use this app, all you need to do is to go to and on your search setting enable Handwrite – so when you want to search for something just write out the first few letters or all of it and the app will then dump it onto a search bar.  I haven’t tried it myself but will do so later.

Making Money

 For someone who loves all techie stuff, you would be surprised to know that I know very little about  equity indexed annuities  but I’m all for making money like the spouse.   The spouse is the smarter one with money for sure but I’m the one who wants to invest in things that are safe and reliable.  So when he talked about annuities, I had no idea about it, so I had to do a little bit more research on it before agreeing with him or not.  For all women out there, my advise to everyone of you is to make sure you know what your spouse is investing in and not let him do everything on his own, two heads is definitely better than one, you have to be always on top of all money and investment in your joint account. I love making more money and if annuities can make me more for my retirement  – i’m all for it – but first I have to read up and do my little research on it before acting on it.

Leather Case For iPad 2/3

Looks like a genuine LV leather case right?  but it’s not – it’s from Hong Kong but it sure looks fancy and if you don’t mind that it’s not the real LV – then for $13 why not?  it can do just about what the original cases can do – prop them up and rotates around the cover.  Love it – and if you have an iPad – you want this.