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T-Shirt For Pregnant Geeks

This is just an iron on – but it’s really cute and geeky for Halloween don’t you think?  If pregnant moms cannot find a costume this Halloween – you can always wear this iron-on t-shirt.  Pretty unique and cool and after all, all geeks must have fun during Halloween right?  I think you can get a local shop to do it for you because the place that I had seen it – well – they are asking for $22 for an iron on – too ex in my opinion.  I’m sure you can find someone locally to do it for you – even a printing store or a store that does t-shirts.

New Windows For My Basement

My basement’s windows need replacing because it’s leaking and water is trapped in between the storm glass and the inside glass, if it makes any sense to you – but yes, it needs replacement.  Unlike  replacement windows newport news va  who will help you with all your window needs, they too carry the triple pane glass that we have.  Our local dealer wasn’t as helpful, and since it wasn’t something we could do ourselves, we had to jump through many loops and hoops to get someone to help us with the warranty issue – as most of our windows are warranty for 10 years, some I heard is a lifetime warranty.  Anyhow, the new windows are being ordered, so I’m just waiting for its arrival and then we can get some real window replacement experts to help us put it back up.  Yes, the window is under warranty but not the labor.

Kindle Fire HD

A few days ago, I wrote about Kindle Fire being sold out and today, all over the internet I see that Amazon had launch the new Kindle Fire HD.  Pricing from $199 – $499 – cheaper thant he iPad as you all can see, this would give Apple a run for its money that’s for sure.

The Kindle Fire 8.9″ for $499, not only have a large screen but has Dolby audio, dual stereo speakers and Wi-fi and an ultra fast 4G LTE wireless – data package at $49.99 for one year.  Now that has gotta be one of the best package we have seen thus far but once again, it’s not available in Canada.  *sigh*.  I loved the prices and the gadget but come on !!!  Canada is not that far away y ou know!

Internet Radio By Apple

We all know that Apple had been going places for many years now and they want to be into anything and everything electronic and be a leader when it comes to gadget.  But little did I know they were also interested in internet radio service. So what does this means for people like you and I? It means that we can be getting streaming thru’ Apple’s gadgets using Apple’s iAd platform? But do we require to pay for subscription or is it free?  should we be excited?  Hmmmm… I don’t know yet but with anything to do with Apple, you can expect the best – right?  or am I right?  more on internet radio with Apple when I find out more about it.

Beach House For Geek Getaway

I know everyone goes on vacation but for geeks like us – when we go on a vacation, the place we go to needs to have Wi-fi or at least high speed internet.  I know some people may argue that since we are on vacation, shouldn’t we do without the internet?  sure if one could but geeks like us cannot do without internet, we need to go online even if it was just an hour a day and of course, it has to be a beach front house – else what kind of holiday would it be right?  The  san diego beach house rentals  was one that we were looking at for the low season rental – the prices are really good and one can really consider it especially if you are going with the entire family. The beach house there has so much to offer, from jacuzzi to golf course nearby, perfect for both family getaway and a romantic one.