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Mini Apple By Apple

 So Apple announced the new mini iPad available on the 2nd November 2012 and i’m sure you are as excited about it as I am.  The price seems to be relatively cheaper for an Apple gadget since we all know that Apple means quality stuff and it can only mean that someone is getting it this Christmas – in fact, I think a lot of children are getting it for Christmas.

I’ve always wanted to get an iPad but the price wasn’t friendly at all but now that the mini iPad is going for about USD$329, it has definitely given me an incentive to buy one of them for my kid. She didn’t asked for it but with the mini iPad, I’m hoping that she can be kept occupied when we are on long trips. As for the mini-iPad expect the same software and same quality product except for a smaller price – now you’ve gotta liked it.

Geeks & Investment

The spouse is quite the geek but geeks are always thinking not only about games and gadgets because the spouse and myself are always thinking about investment.  But the spouse takes a lot more risk than I do  – I go for the safe investments like buying gold and  copper bars.  Things I know that would not depreciate in value nor will it get lost or would I get scammed by an investment company.  Buying gold or copper bars had been practiced for as long as I can remember from before my great grandmother’s time – so to say that it’s passed down from generations to another generation – it’s not wrong at all.    And at this time and age and the economy – I say investing in gold and copper or silver is your best bet.

Send Smell Thru’ Smartphone App

Crazy eh!  but it’s true apparently some Japanese company developed some smartphone app that allows users to send smell over the phone. Chaku Perfume in Japan is the one that developed this device called the Chat Perf – it consist of a simple gadget that one has to attached to your phone.  The device includes an atomizer and a smell tank that fits onto your iPhone dock port.  Using that you can then send the smell you want to another user.  But wait a minute – the other user needs to have the same gadget as well and how much does this gadget cost and is one limited to the smell you want to send?  I believed so – but I’m guessing that you can send the smell of a rose to your g/f or wife – the common stuff that they will put into this gadget.  So don’t even think of punking anyone with your armpit smell or smell of your fart. hahhaa!

No More Dedicated Servers For Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay had been attacked so many times and were tried to force down by not only the music industry but the film industry and tv networks.  And not only that  – they were charged and sentence to imprisonment and yet – they insist on keeping the Pirate Bay going.  It’s pretty noble it seems but what about his family or his children and g/fs and extended family – seeing one jailed in 2009 and recently one of his partners got detained at custom and deported back to Sweden.  for me – not worth it at all, therefore, Pirate Bay is keeping up its good work.

Google #2

Google is currently #2 after Apple and is currently the second richest tech firm but this must not come in as a surprised to everyone else why are they called Lord Google by bloggers and any company who wants to advertise online to make their products known.  But don’t let me get started on that – that would be another story for another day.  So it’s Apple first and then Google followed by Microsoft now.  Google’s shares had been steadily rising this year – according to the newspaper.

Apple Most Hated


Apple ranks #6 when it comes to the most hated company in US.  But it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone because the spouse himself don’t like the Macs too because it finds it so hard to work with as he thinks that you need to know some special coding before you can work the Mac.  Well, having said that it’s all because Mac is way more expensive than any PC.  But seriously, I don’t find Apple products are friendly as they make it out to be.

There are more reasons why people hate Apple of course, from the workign condition in China to make the iPhone 5 and also the lawsuit on Samsung – that is now constantly on the news, it’s like Apple is relentless and want to be the only gadget master in the entire world.  But hate as much as you want, Apple is still one of the biggest sell out of all times.

Beach Home Investment


Now who doesn’t want to own an Ocean isle real estate  like the one above right?  I’m always on a look out for a good investment property but one that we can use for ourselves and our extended families when they are in town for a holiday especially during the summer.  Can you imagine spending the entire summer in this beach home everyday, suntanning, reading, watch a movie or just enjoying the sea/ocean  breeze with friends and yakking all day long and sipping margaritas and cranberry liqueur with 7 up.   I really wouldn’t mind that at all, and like I said I’m always on a look out for a good beach home investment but of course, the price has to be right – don’t want to buy something I cannot afford right?

PETA Going After Pokemon

Really?  my gosh!  that’s terrible !!! you mean PETA got nothing else better to do ?  millions of kids play the pokemon game on their DS but PETA is saying that the Pokemon game promotes animal abuse !!!  I really think PETA has gone too far and strike real low this time – come on it’s only a game !  let the kids be kids – I’m sure they are not going to do that in real life!  holy moly! what about those gun games and those GTA games ?  should the cops going after them too ????  PETA had released their own parody game for the Pokemon Black and Blue – you can get them for free apparently.  I don’t know if I will be downloading it to see what it’s all about – so if you have – please let me know what you think about it.