Send Smell Thru’ Smartphone App

Crazy eh!  but it’s true apparently some Japanese company developed some smartphone app that allows users to send smell over the phone. Chaku Perfume in Japan is the one that developed this device called the Chat Perf – it consist of a simple gadget that one has to attached to your phone.  The device includes an atomizer and a smell tank that fits onto your iPhone dock port.  Using that you can then send the smell you want to another user.  But wait a minute – the other user needs to have the same gadget as well and how much does this gadget cost and is one limited to the smell you want to send?  I believed so – but I’m guessing that you can send the smell of a rose to your g/f or wife – the common stuff that they will put into this gadget.  So don’t even think of punking anyone with your armpit smell or smell of your fart. hahhaa!

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