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Annual Ball

The annual ball at my old office was pretty huge, the  corporate event planning  was done by a group of professionals hired by the company but with more than 100 employees, it’s a must because you want your employees to have a good party.  Every year in the past  I’ve enjoyed these annual ball and I do missed them now that I’m in Canada and have our own business.  We don’t have as much employees ourselves, so the Christmas party is a lot smaller and I have to be the event planner myself.  But having seen what was done previously by the real event planners from my old job – I did learned a trick or two from them.  I hope that our Christmas party will be as successful as those planned by these professional – I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Christmas Shopping Online

This Christmas I’m letting my fingers do the walking for all my Christmas shopping because of all these  wholesale catalogs online  that i’ve received.  Why go out and line up in the cold and fight with the crowd right?  these wholesale catalogs are heaven sent!   I can’t understand why people still go out and shop the way my parents used to do – when you can have everything wrapped up and shipped to you – you don’t even need to do the wrapping on your own. I loved receiving the Sears catalog and Ikea – wished more company would have catalogs like them – I choose what I want to buy way in advance and even get to pay for it earlier, that way I don’t have to worry about over-spending.

Easily Crack Passwords


You wouldn’t believed the kind of passwords some people used – we’ve seen so many customers come in with their computer with the easiest passwords to crack and you know what?  it just gives those professional spammers to get into your computer really quickly and easily.  Some people uses password like 123456 or their birthday or their last name or their initials with their spouse’s initials. Some uses – F***tard or idiot – or I hate so and so.   Some uses abc123 – yes! i kid you not! or their favorite game – like hockey, football – and some used their grandchildrens’ name. Yes, all these are easily crack passwords – and I can understand why some people would use passwords like that – because it’s easy to remember.  But if it is easy for you – it’s easy for those spammers too.

Project Christmas

Yes, my project Christmas involved a lot of cleaning up and preparing menu for the big party at my home.  Geeks have friends too you know and lots of them and what do we do if we don’t have enough time to do all our stuff before Christmas?  we delegate !  like my smartest friend said – if money can solved the problem it’s no longer a problem because you can hire people to help you out and it’s not a bad idea too.  When one has to work but want to celebrate the festive season like everyone else.  We would hire  carpet cleaners holly springs nc  like my friend from NC would do every year but over here in this small town, we don’t have a professional company that does cleaning – but smaller ones – so one can only hope for the best.  Like my mom used to say – you pay for what you get – so if you want good help – you make sure you hire the best and I would if I could – so my friends are lucky – they get all sorts of help in NC.  But my party is going to go on regardless and I’m going to have a blast during Christmas.

Google Lost Court Case To Aussie

 It’s funny to see google get slapped by the Australian court for $200K – but i’m sure they can afford it after the way they handle their publishers who does their ads for them.  They just cut them off when they make too much money with the excuse that something was irregular – or they suspect that the clicks weren’t real.  As long as you are not making a lot of money with google – it’s fine – they keep you on for years – but as soon as you start making some money – they cancel your account immediately.

Anyhow, Google was asked to pay an Aussie – A$200K for the links Google published linking the Aussie to mobsters.   I guess Google is not Lord Google after all eh – there is someone higher up than Google.  I’m just glad that Google lost its case – and was made to pay.


Geeks Relaxing At Home

I visited a friend’s home and since he is a geek like myself – I didn’t expect to find  slipper bathtubs  in both his bathroom, I had expected a more masculine style of bathroom.  But he had explained to me that these bathtubs reminded him of those royalty in England – so when he bought his first home, he went out to source for something like that. They are pretty unique and I see myself getting one install too – I guess geeks are not very much different from other people – they loved buying the good stuff like anyone else.

Photobook App For Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Very interesting – since we do have an iPhone 3Gs – one can use their iPhone, iPad or even your iPod Touch plus this app – snap pictures and then you can create a photobook.  Interesting right?  and how easy it is and how much would it cost you?  Only $20 and shipping of course but if I read correctly, you need to be in USA – but I’m quite sure they will expand their destination/shipping quickly to other countries.  Mosaic by Mixbook can be downloaded from iTunes for free – I believed.  Check it out if you have any of the gadgets I mentioned above.  Check out the video below – to get a clearer picture on how easy it is to make a photobook.

Geek Gifts For Christmas

For those with lot of geek friends like I do, you might want to check out  Cyber Monday  for great deals for your Christmas shopping.  I know exactly what I want to buy for my friends but I want to get them when the deal is great – why spend more than we should right?  Plus, why rush with others when you can get all your presents online right?  we geeks loved to shop online plus the return policy for Cyber Monday is just as good, so you don’t have to worry about what you have to do if the item isn’t right.  I’m going to mark my calendar for Cyber Monday and make sure I get everything on time this Christmas.

The 4th Gen iPad


Yes! as usual I’m a bit late on talking about the 4th Gen iPad that was announced in October this year – but I had wanted to get ahold of one before talking about it.   The new iPad is now called the iPad with Retina Display.  So what’s new with this 4th Gen – ?  The exterior looks the same as the 3rd Gen ones and the price is the same and most of its configuration seems the same.

Apparently, Apple put in a new chip – which is said to be faster than the old one – A6X, now you can see graphics better and it is said that the battery life is just as long as the 3rd gen.   But of course, there is more to it, it has a new Lightning connector and it supports SD storage within the new iPad.  Oh did i tell you i ordered a mini- iPad for my 8 yrs old?  yup – I sure did !  i bet she will be thrilled and so will this mama.