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What A Tech Person Wants

So Christmas is coming really soon and if you are thinking of buying your techie husband or boyfriend something neat this Christmas, this are what I would suggest.  We all know that you are not going to buy a perfect gift for a tech guy or girl because they are rather fussy with what they like and dislike and if by now you don’t know this yeat – you are in real trouble.

So if you are thinking of a mini iPad for the g/f – sure go ahead but if you are thinking of getting it for your b/f – then forget it – buy a real iPad 2 because they are of the same price and configuration but a bigger screen and easier to see and maneuver.  Now if you get the refurbished ones – it’s even cheaper. For the best friend who loves to read – instead of the Kobo – get him or her – a Kindle Fire instead, the price is quite similar – it has better resolution and better quality books.

An iPhone 5 for him/her?  I say that the iPhone 4 or 4S is just as good and cost much less.  What about the teen who wants the new Nintendo 3Ds ?  get him or her a iPod Touch instead because it would be more worthwhile in the end.  And for the techie boyfriend who drinks coffee daily – instead of giving him a Tim Hortons gift card or a Starbuck one – buy him a Keurig Coffee machine instead – it’s a lot more savvy.

A True Geek’s Home

A true geek home has all the consoles ever available from the start of console games and a  hayward robotic pool cleaner  for his pool. Yes! that’s right !  you heard me right – the spouse told me he wants a set up like the above and wants a robotic pool cleaner this Christmas, so he doesn’t have to clean the pool.  Now I thought these robotic pool cleaner were for pools like the YMCA but apparently, they are good for home pools too.  So I’m going to have to look for one for him for Christmas and luckily I saw a really cute one for our pool at a very good price.

Amazing Vending Machines

Wacky is what my spouse would say if he saw all these vending machines with all sorts of food – from caviar to hairy crab in China and burgers or if you want some cupcakes – check out Sprinkles at Hollywood Boulevard.  One can even buy rice from a vending machine or pizzas and milk for kids from a vending machine.  It’s a pretty neat idea epecially for someone who sometimes have instant craving for food that one cannot get anywhere else.  Now where’s my char kway teow ???!!??

Death Of A Blogspot Blog

A few days ago, I read from FB from a long time blogger – a parenting blog who had been with blogspot since 2004 – that her blog was deleted by blogger/blogspot for no reasons that she could think of.  8 yrs of blogging and information about parenting, living with a maid – and dealing with her illness – all gone – no return.  How shocking right?  I would be devastated if everything that I had on my child and myself get deleted without a chance to export them to another blog.  Blogspot/blogger should at least have given her the rights to get all her work imported to another host  but nope – nothing – no warning.

I don’t know if you know this but i’m quite sure that Google had bought blogspot/blogger platform many years ago and if you know how Google handles their Adsense advertising – you wouldn’t be that surprised about them deleting your blog for they deem that they are doing it for the good of the advertiser/s.   Good thing I’ve never worked with adsense or google before – I’m just glad that I don’t need google adsense to support my blogs or living – but like this blogging mummy – she wasn’t using it to make money either.  Sure she had some affiliate programs but people who clicks on it knows that it’s an affiliate program – and not like she SPAM anyone with her parenting tips.   So what the hell right?

Luckily I don’t use any free hosting now – I have them all paid for and under my own hosting company – and having said that – I know that Google can still blog you sometimes for malware or whatever they think is harmful on the web without giving your prior warning.  I think that isn’t fair at all because bloggers – usually get their codes from these affiliate companies – and if Google wanted to go after anyone – they should go after the affiliate companies and not small time bloggers.

Christmas Gift For A Princess

The niece who was in the nutcrackers for Christmas, just finished her last show – this weekend.  This was her first recital and she was pretty proud of it although the wait for the show to begin was like 2hrs after she reports to the theatre in the afternoon.  So for a 6 yrs old, I’ll have to say that she did very well.  So this Christmas, we want to get her some  ballet recital gifts   that way she will be encouraged to do even better for her ballet classes.   Although my own daughter loves the gadget and the techie stuff, the niece on the other hand is like her mother, dainty and pretty – and I know she will loved all her ballet recital gifts, I even choose a magnet/button for her – that says the name of the play.

Mini iPad For 9 Yrs Old

I asked myself for a long time if it was too much to buy for a 9 years old – my daughter is turning 9 this month and the answer was finally no.  Why ? I hear you asking – after all, it isn’t a cheap gadget and didn’t you say that you don’t believed in getting expensive stuff for your kid?  Yes ! I did say that – but I was also convinced that with the many apps with the mini iPad, she can also learn a lot of her homework from here and it would keep her busy and she is already very savvy on the net.  Plus my 9 years old knows what is right and wrong – and what kind of sites she cannot go on.  So yes! we did get it for her and even have her name engraved onto it – because I don’t think she will get tired of the mini iPad anytime soon.  From e-reading to doing math, english and science – countless of things she can explore and not forgetting games as well.  So I’m quite happy I paid over $400 for the mini – Ipad and the cover – pink!