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Pink iPhone

Really?  a pink iPhone ?  now I want to get one too – who doesn’t want a pink iPhone but for £1499   I think I have to wait for quite a bit before I can bear to part with so  much money.  Created by Amosu Couture – and touted to be the first and only pink iPhoe around, I’m sure it would sell pretty quick.

Blackberry 10 On Pre-order

If you haven’t heard of the Blackberry 10 Time -shift app yet – the above video will give you an idea – and it is a pretty neat idea – I’ll have to say – coz’ I want one too.  I mean how many times have you had your picture taken and it didn’t come out the way you want it.  Now with this Blackberry time shift app – you can go back to the perfect moment – and then print out the perfect picture or have them uploaded to your facebook.Now you can pre-order it from Walmart – Blackberry 10 smartphone  – on Walmart’s facebook page.

Aaron Swartz Dies at 26

Aaron Swartz was the co-founder of Reddit due to depression from the lawsuit by the US Attorney office.  Very sad day indeed! He wasn’t a terrorist or even closed – yes, he stole – but was there a need to push the kid to death?  I don’t think so – if everything was recovered why did the US attorney office continued to pursue his case senselessly?  No need of it at all.  This is a brilliant man – couldn’t the government use his talent instead to do good things for the government?  Very sad indeed!  too many tragedy already in this world – do we need some more?

Flowers For The Techie Girlfriends

I frequently tell the spouse never to get me flowers especially on special occasions, but that doesn’t mean  that he shouldn’t get me any at all – because there are some kind of flowers I would appreciate always -and it’s the  live orchids .  I don’t know why I loved lived orchids but they are pretty unique flowers and they remind me of home (singapore) where orchids are our national flowers, plus it also reminds me of the orchid garden that my grandfather used to have when I was a kid.

But truthfully, if you asked any of my co-workers (girls of course), they loved the orchids more than roses or carnations (only give that to your mom) or lily or even tulips (for the secretary) because the orchid is such a unique flower – not easy to grow but very pretty in its own way.

SmartPhone Gloves

A must have for all those who has a cellphone or loved their gadgets even in the winter.  Don’t you just hate it when the phone rings and you had just put on your gloves and you are walking to your car with groceries on one hand and the other trying to pick up the phone and it wouldn’t stop ringing.  Yes! that’s me all the time – the phone never rings when i’m indoor – only when I’m all dressed up and in the cold !  arrrrgggghhhh!!  so what do you do ?  get a pair of smartphone gloves for yourself and the spouse of course.

I like this one the best from North Face – a wee bit expensive at $40 but worth the investment I tell you.  Grips your phone firmly – so you don’t drop it and has these “Xstatic fingercaps” so that you can slide your iPhone to turn them on or type messages without having to freeze your hands.  It’s called the woman’s etip gloves at North Face – check it out yourself.  Best gifts for the gadget guys and girls.

Ramping It Up

As i watched my father-in-law and brother-in-law unload wood into my backyard in preparation for the bad weather this winter, I suggested they looked into getting some  dock ramps  for their trucks because it would definitely make things a lot easier for both of them.   My father-in-law owns as much as a hundred acres land and during the winter, he would sell some of those wood to people that are his regular customers and this year since we have a new wood stove, he sent us some for our Christmas presents.  And watching him unload it was quite tough not to send the spouse and the child to go help – I can just imagine, it was as tough on them both when they were loading it on the trucks.  Hopefully, he heeds my advice and seriously take it into consideration, I think it is good investment for the business in my opinion.

Apple Apps Versus Android Apps

When we bought the mini iPad for my daughter, I had discussed this with a g/f’s husband who is an engineer and apparently, he was getting a blackberry playbook for his wife for Christmas.  I had told him that I liked Apple because of the apps available for Apple but he argued that he liked the Androids because the apps are free and easily downloadable.  Of course, I didn’t retort him back and say that – he was being a pirate then – because not paying for an app isn’t right – it’s like stealing.

So whose apps are easiest to use and download?  I’ve only tried the apps on Apple since I have the mini Apple – but I hear that that Androids ones are close to 1,000 000 apps too.  Even though Apple was the one who got into all these apps first, Google seems to be catching up really quick.  But knowing Google, you know they want a piece of the pie in whatever you are doing online and offline if possible. hahah!

But I read that Apple is still the undisputed king of apps – why?  very good question – you feel safe using apps from Apple, you are 99% sure that you are not going to get any viruses from Apple’s app.   But for how long will Apple Apps be better than Android?  that we’ve yet to see.