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Golf For Geeks

We geeks loved to play golf when we need some exercises but most importantly we read up a lot first before we even started playing golf – that’s what geeks do.  I actually learned more about golf and things related to golf like  marty hanaka  on the internet and had we not know about what is going on with him, we wouldn’t have known about golfsmith.  You know – we ladies love gold and we have info on goldsmith, so the geeks they sure loved their information about their Golfsmith – pretty tacky right the name.  Anyhow, for those of you out there who has geeks for boyfriends and if you feel that they are not getting even sun and exercises, the best thing to try is golf because it’s not strenuous nor does it take a rocket scientist to learn about the game – it’s really a great sport for geeks like us.

An R2D2 Bra

Mannnn!! really????  should I be laughing or just shaking my head ????  it would be funny if someone would wear it but wait a minute – for those who goes for those Comic Con shows – this could be a good idea wouldn’t you think?  a woman wearing this R2D2 Bra that even lights up and makes a sound ! woohoo!!  now she would steal the whole show !  But it would be too funny touching the middle part of the bra all the time to make a sound or even to ask someone to press your middle of the R2D2 Bra – almost obscene don’t you think?  Well, the stuff that people come up with.  You wouldn’t catch me wearing something like that – that’s for sure.  Created by Seamster over at Instructables – this is a DIY R2D2 Bra.

Tech Jobs In NC

Sometimes I have mixed feelings when friends from this town move to USA because they were offered a better tech job in the States.  A pair of very intelligent geeky twins were offered a job in USA by a very famous company and now they are looking for houses for sale in jacksonville nc  to settle down there.  I am happy for them of course but on the other hand, we are losing some pretty good people in this town and intelligent ones at that.   So really a mixed feeling here but like I said I’m really happy for them for it’s a dream job for any geek around the world and yes, there is so much more these company can offer in USA than in this small town.  I know they will do well there but I will miss them terribly plus they were really good customers at the store too.

Nail Polish Phone Cases

Alas! they are only good for iphone 4s, 4g and iphone 5 – *sigh* and mine is a iphone 3gs – so if you have one of these iphones which I don’t have – sad!  get them from Etsy for only $15.55 – i would love one – so cool.

For My Geek Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and like many ladies out there – we find it hard to buy anything for the geeky boyfriend or husband or brother.  But I remember someone said to me the other day that real men shaved and not with the electric shaver but the real soap and shaver – the old fashioned way and the geeky boyfriend of mine do shave – that way.  So when I saw this  moss scuttle  for sale online – I had to get it for him.  Now tell me that’s not a perfect gift for a Valentine’s gift.  A one and only ! and one of a kind for the real man.  Loved it!  and I know he will appreciate it.

A Catwoman Barbie

Every little girl loves a barbie but will they love a catwoman barbie doll – now that’s a question I have to ask my daughter – and expected to be not cheap – at $35 – you can get one for your daughter or nieces at Barbie collector.   I think I wouldn’t mind having one myself but who’ve seen a grown up with a barbie right?