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Healthy Geeky Chick

I truly pride myself for taking good care of myself even though I do sit in front of the computer too much.  I love my yoga sessions 3 times a week and I go religiously too.  I have this thick yoga mat  that I bring along with me – instead of using one at the yoga studio.  Folks think that geeky chicks don’t exercise a lot – but this geeky chick love looking good – so yoga and eating well is very important to me.  So if you have this idea that girls/women who loved to sit in front of their computer all day are fat and sloppy – then you cannot be more wrong.  I loved to look good and staying healthy is extremely important to me.

To Buy Or Contract ?

So a friend asked me the other day if he should buy a phone outright or get one for cheap and then pay for a contract that would tie him down for the next 3 years – at a certain amount?

Now to me that’s a very easy question – because if you have the money – then you should buy the phone outright and source for the cheapest and the best provider and go with them – till they don’t service you the way you want.  Why?  very easy – because if you do your calculation correctly, you would be paying a lot more than you would if you buy outright – some $1500 more in 3 years.  But of course, if you cannot afford to buy the phone outright and you need the best gadget and the latest – well – you are probably gonna have to suck it up and pay the extras.

But there is another alternative – if you don’t want to pay that much and don’t want to be on contract – but there is a catch here – if and unless you are not that anal – and need the newest and the greatest – look for a second hand store – in your town and buy a second hand one.  Normally, these second hand phones are in great condition – and you pay like half its price and don’t need to be tie down with a contract.  Because once you are in a contract, you cannot break it unless you want to pay the difference – so think carefully and weigh your options before buying or contracting a phone.

Printing Day

Yes is printing day at our office today and brochure printing companies  are easy to work with – thank God!  Many years ago, we had to do our own printing and the layout for the brochures we needed for our office and the stuff that we sell but now that we are using a professional printing company, all we need to do is tell them what we need.  They print, they fold the brochures up and have them cut properly and package them so nicely.  We do our brochure printings every year or when the brochure runs out, and before we used to hate printing days at the office, now we just need to oversee the whole procedure at the printing company’s office.  They send you a copy for proof reading and once you are ok with it – they print and deliver, pretty simple and not as expensive as it was many years ago.

Lord Of The Ring Fan’s Lamp

This must be the most un-useful lamp ever – but for those Lord of the Rings fans – they probably wouldn’t agree with me.  So if you know of someone who is a die hard fan – and you don’t know what to get for them for a birthday or Christmas – well – here is a perfect gift.  At $299.99 – it’s a darn expensive lamp alright!  This lamp can be bought at

In The Fellowship of the Ring, when Frodo saw the Dark Tower, all hope left him. We have to admit that if we saw a looming black fortress with a huge evil eye on top, we’d probably be in need of a new pair of pants.

Designer Richard Taylor and his team built a 9-foot tall “bigature” of Barad-dûr to use for filming The Lord of the Rings movies. For this collector’s edition desk lamp, artist David Tremont and his team scaled it down to just shorter than 21 inches high, the perfect height for a desk or side table lamp.

Sculpted from polystone and coated with a protective layer of polyurethane, each Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp is painted and finished by hand and features cutting-edge LED technology. Plug it into the wall and it will turn its roving eye toward anything it deems worth watching. Its gaze pierces cloud, shadow, earth, and flesh, so you should probably keep it away from children and hobbits.

Cracking The Password

We have many computers come in for cracking the password – because either the owners forgot their passwords or they had someone else used their computers and they had put in a password accidentally or on purpose – we don’t know but it is a common sight in our store.  Many people think that it’s a tough thing to do – but truth be told – it probably takes us 15 mins to do it.  But we still charge like $25 for cracking the password – why?  because there is a secret to cracking the password.  If you don’t know how to do it – you will never know and it would take forever to do it – but because it is our trade – therefore, we know how to do it.  Of course I ain’t tell you how to do it but if you absolutely must know – well, write to me and I’ll tell you with a fee – hahah!