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Hello Kitty Breast Implants

Bizarre ??  VERY!  really someone would put in Hello Kitty Breast implants?   Nahhh!  they are not implants !  thank God!  they are just Hello kitty soap.  Sigh of relief i hear there ?  hahaha!!!  for me too!  Now as soap – they are pretty cute right?  and even though I’m a geek – I still can love Hello Kitty stuff.   I found some on Etsy but not the exact same though.

Clip Bag For Men And Women

Sorry ! no way in hell are you going to catch me carry this obscene looking thing – hahah!   Sure it’s unique but definitely not my cup of tea.

Patio Umbrella That Charges Gadgets

So the weather is getting warmer and the kids wants to be outdoors playing and someone needs to watch them right?  you can’t leave them out playing on their own but you need to do your work on the computer too ?  so what do you do?  well easy everyone tells me – just bring your laptop outdoors – and do your work on the patio under the shade while watching the kids.  Yes ! for sure !  but the laptop battery can only last so long right – so what do you do?

Well, if you are will to fork out $500 for this patio umbrella– you can be sitting out all summer and not worry about losing power to your laptop or any gadgets.  As you can see in this picture, there is a small solar panel on it – that allows you to charge your device thru’ 2 usb ports in the pole.  Pretty neat eh!  I’ll have to say so too but what if it was an overcast day?  no worries – it has a backup battery supply on days like that.  So if you have the money – go for it.