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Employment Opportunities

 So we are employing new tech members at our store for the summer, so that we can take a break during the summer and with every new employees, we do  personal background check  on them as part of the requirement.  Of course, we tell them about it before doing the background check and most people are alright with it and it does save us a lot of heartache in the future.

For us the employer, I think it makes us feel a lot better knowing who our future employees are – before we leave our store keys with them as you never know right?  some people may feel offended by these background checks and if they do, I figured they don’t really want to work with us for some reasons and we will respect that of course.  But these days, all employers wants a background check on employees, that’s the norm – if you asked me.

Xbox One

Thus far from what I’ve read and heard – not many of us are impressed with the new XBOX one released by Microsoft yesterday.  And for the used game industry people like us – we are not really pleased with what we’ve seen – this would mean that there is no market for used game store owners like us and others namely EB games and Game Stop.  Of course, by doing this XBOX ONE isn’t going to kill the entire market for us – it would mean that many people would flock to the new PS4 when they come out simultaneously.

As a gamer as well as a used game store owner – it wouldn’t be smart at all – to invest in the XBOX one or it’s game since Microsoft confirms that there is a registration fee everytime someone wants to use the same game again.  Microsoft thus makes it difficult for gamers to buy the game when it first comes out and then resell it after they are done playing the game – because used game stores like ours will not be touching the games anytime soon for there is just no money for us to make in it.  I guess Microsoft don’t want to share their wealth with anyone eh.

As the Kinect tv features – it’s only for US only – so those of us in Canada – is left out – so Canadians – don’t really have the advantage – so why should we buy the xbox one ?  And the latest update on Forbes this morning – and I quote :

Update: There seems to be some indication that this unlock fee might actually be the full retail price of the game. That’s certainly what it sounds like from what Phil Harrison is saying here. If that’s the case, then how exactly do “used games” even exist at that point? This is only making things more opaque.

Really?  mannn!!  someone must be crazy there in Microsoft!

Samsung Galaxy 4 Smartphone

Look who’s got a new phone?? hehe!    look how slim it is ! and how huge the screen is – love it!  way better than my iphone 3gs !  more on its features later after I’ve played around with it a little.

Geeks Going To Paris

When geeks like us visit Paris, we find the best and the cheapest accommodation – and where do we find these so-called apartments?  on the internet of course – you silly. So we chose  parisluxe luxury paris apartment – because we are going with 4 very geeky geeks – and we are all excited about it.   People think that geeks travels with their backpacks and stays in dingy motels but you are wrong again there about geeks.  We geeks know the finest things in life and at a very good price – thanks to the internet of course.  So after reading and comparing reviews, we know where we are staying for the next few days while in Paris.

These Paris apartments are especially great if you are traveling with family – with young children or your older parents – they are not just for geeks like us.  But it is definitely cheaper and have services of a hotel – like a concierge and they can arrange for your transportation or introduce you to all the good places to check out while in Paris.  We are so looking forward to our trip.

A Ladies’ Phone

Look at the color and you know it’s meant for young girls and ladies but most importantly – this phone is said to be made with some kind of cooling gel and wouldn’t heat up even if girls talked on the phone for hours.  So you tell me if this is meant for the ladies/girls?  whoever invented this phone – the NEC Medias X 06E – is pretty brilliant and if I remembered correctly – the docomo phones are paper weight light.  I’ve had one of these phones many years ago, when i was stationed in Japan and it looked and felt like a toy phone.  Unfortunately for us here in the West, we may never see this phone because they are only sold in Japan.

Exercise With Geeks

Many people make fun of us geeks – and I don’t blame them because most people think that we lived our life in front of the computer only and playing computer games.  In fact, geeks make fun of geeks when it comes to exercising and that a geek could only be motivated to exercise if it was a computer game.   But you and I know it’s not true – we do exercise a lot too and yoga is my favorite.  I have a  yoga mat  with me in the car at all times, so that whenever a girlfriend called up to go for some exercises, I can whip out the yoga mat and go to the yoga studio or even to their houses/home.  Yoga is a good form of exercise, it relaxes the body and mind – try it sometime.

Instax mini 8 Fujifilm

I had never thought of getting this for my kid – but an old friend insisted on getting it for her – and I’m grateful. The Instax mini 8 is about $90 and it’s like the old Polaroid that we used to have when we were kids.  Like the Polaroid – the Instax film is very expensive and it’s a novelty that will quickly wear off even with kids.  But if it makes the kids happy – why not right?  In Canada – you can order them from Amazon or Walmart and of course in the USA – you can order it just about anywhere.  They even have special Hello Kitty versions but they are  more expensive than the regular Instax but what the hell right – if you are going to spend money – why not get a unique one.

The Kissenger 2.0

Really?  a kiss machine for those in long distance relationship?  now that’s a new one – and this one is a newer version – and an improved one – so I’ve been told.  Now I know who needs one badly !  a g/f of mine who is in a really long distance relationship.  But how much is it ?  I don’t know – even after looking at the Robotic website.  But i will write to them and see what they say.