Archives for June 2013

Sharpening Tool

I do  alot of cooking at home – so I was looking for a good sharpening tool and someone told me about  ceramic rods  for sharpening tool and swears by it.  Of course, ceramic rods can be used on buildings too like the Times Building on eighth avenue but it was removed in 2008 because people were using them as ladder for getaways.   And since I can’t find them in the stores around town, I of course look for them on the internet – else I won’t be called the Techy Chick right?

I did find some good ones and some that are for industrial use and of course, I don’t need those but for those who are using these ceramic rods for restaurant or slaughtering house, you would need the industrial type I would think.  Anyhow, I did find my ceramic rod for sharpening my knives online – and ordered them and can’t wait to receive them in the mail.  Thus far, I’ve never been disappointed with my purchases online.

The Power Of Xbox One Gamers

Yes, the power of gamers and its consumers forces Microsoft to reconsider what they planned to do with their new console the xbox one.  A huge relief to a lot of people including people like us who owns a used game store.  We weren’t too pleased with the initial launch of the Xbox One.

Initially, one cannot re-sell the games for xbox one because it was going to cost the next user for it and some registration and many more restriction to it.  I guess with the PS4 being so user friendly, had Microsoft not changed it strategy, Microsoft will be losing a lot of money. One can expect both the Xbox One and PS4 to come out at the end of the year – and I’m sure there is going to be a huge rush for them.  Good luck to all who MUST have the new consoles as soon as they are out.

Handy Woman

I’m quick the handy woman around the house and office before the spouse came along but now that I have him around, I tend to let him do the heavy lifting.  Well, unless he isn’t in town, I have to take care of things at home and like I said I was quick handy and didn’t forget what to do for puttering around the house.

For example, using  toggle bolts  for hanging a heavy framed mirror on top of this cabinet in the parlor area.  Why toggle bolts instead of just ordinary nails?  well the toggle bolts are great for keeping heavy stuff in place and because of the way it is shaped, it will not move or go anywhere after it’s  being nailed in. The spouse never worries when he is not around town because he knows that I can handle little things around the house, and it’s a good feeling not being totally helpless.