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iWatch By Apple

Rumor has it that the next big thing from Apple isn’t the new iPhones – they are the iWatches.  It’s confirmed a few days ago that a Taiwan company had won the bid to produce the iWatch  – so it’s no longer a rumor but what can the iWatch do and what does it look like ?  your guess is as good as mine.

Tim Cook the current CEO of Apple had said recently that there is an amazing hardware that will be launched soon, but as usual Apple is what Apple is and they will keep it a secret till it is ready to launch.  Much watch after – the iWatch would be a definite gadget to look forward to.

apple new iphone to be launched

Another new iphone?  yes !  unfortunately ! now everyone is going to rush out and change to the newest iphone I guess or upgrade from their phone provider.   Rumors has it that the new iPhone is going to be cheaper and available in September but no one knows what is the specs for this new iphone !  I await the unveiling on Sept 10 2013.


Gadgets For Musicians

Saw a really cool gadget for you musicians out there – the  irig hd – it’s a high definition interface for iPhone, iPad, iPod and any Mac, so I’ve read.  What does an iRig do, I hear you asking?  so did I since it works with all your gadgets that I’m sure you already have.  Well, the iRig allows you to play music on all the above gadget and just about anywhere you are. With the iRig you can jam anywhere and anytime and cost is affordable as well, therefore, I say this is a cool gadget for musicians or wanna-be musicians out there.  Even an amateur like myself can make use of the iRig.

Rice On The Go

Would be better if you can cook congee in the car don’t you think?   more for babies and toddlers if I were the inventor but I guess if those die hard rice eaters like the Japanese or any Asians, they would love to have a rice cooker on the go.

This said rice cooker is said to be able to cook 2 bowls of rice in just 25 mins and keeps it warm for an even longer period of time.  The Takeru – Kun In Car Rice Cooker is about $50, so definitely affordable.

LG’s SmartPhone War With Other Big Names

 So LG is launching a new phone to show its rivals that they are not the only people who can come up with awesome gadgets and phones.  The G2 is LG’s new smartphone to counter smartphones made by Samsung and Apple and this new model is pretty cool – from what I”ve read.  The G2 will be in Korea’s market in a few weeks and subsequently around the world.  I hope to get my hands on this phone to see if it is any different from my Samsung.  I changed my iPhone to a Samsung because of its bigger screen.