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Ipad Air

 Apple who is trying real hard to be the leader in the tablet market had just introduce a new iPad Air – that is supposedly to be lighter of course, thinner and also faster than its previous models.  The mini ipad boost of a faster processor and a higher definition display screen.  But the new mini iPad is a little more expensive than the old ones at $399 instead of $329, so by the time you are done with the accessories and so forth, it will be closed to $500 after taxes.  Now that’s a lot to pay for a mini iPad.

The iPad air will be available in November but the new mini iPad we will have to wait for further notice.

Swimming For Geeks

I don’t know why people would think that geeks only sits in front of the computer all day and eat pizzas and play games.  This is  highly  untrue because I know of many geeky friends who exercises everyday and I know of a group of geek swimmers.  And if you are wondering how one can go swimming if they are of a larger size, well there are  plus size swim dresses  to be bought online silly!  and yes, I wear one of those too and I love swimming.  Once upon a time, I used to be shy about my regular swimming costume but now that I know where to find plus size swim dresses, I go regularly for swimming with my kid.  We loved swimming together and usually have a blast.  So yes, geeks loved swimming too and yes, there are plus size dresses for us.  There you have it.

The Time Is Near For The Ultimate Console 2013

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, new consoles coming out very soon for Christmas  – so which one would you buy ?  a PS4 or a Xbox One?  which one is better ?  The PS4 is said to be going for $399.99 and the Xbox One will be priced at $499.99 – wow!  $100 difference ?  why so ? and how do they compare?

Of course, I can’t tell you how they compare because I haven’t tried them out myself – but from what I’ve read thus far, but if you buy the PS4 – you will have to fork out another $59 for the camera attachment but do one need the camera?  yes, if you want to play motion game.  Where else the Xbox One is doing away with the kinect or rather has bundled it up with the Xbox One package.

While the Xbox One will have some exclusive games because they’ve partnered with Sony, both consoles will have pretty much the same games.  Some said they prefer the PS4 because the previous PS3 had very little hardware problems as compared to the Xbox 360 but we’ve yet to see.  So which one will you be buying?  a PS4 or a Xbox One.  The spouse said he is getting the PS4 as it is cheaper.

Glow In The Dark Tatami

I wouldn’t mind having one of these Tatami for the kid’s room – since she is so scared of the dark and this would definitely help her sleep better and play better by herself in the room.  Since a tea house in Japan has it in their tea room, I’m assuming that it would be available for sale.

Now wouldn’t it be great to have it in the kid’s bathroom as well, so they will never be afraid to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?  This is a great idea – I’m gonna check and see if we can do it ourselves.

Andriods Or Tablets That Fit Your Needs

There are just so many out there – it’s crazy!  I had a hard time trying to decide which one I want.  So what will you choose if you were I?  And can you guess what I chose in the end?  I chose a mini iPad in the end – why ? because it was light and it was reasonably priced.  But of course you can get it for $10 cheaper than I did.  But other androids are cheaper you are going to argue with me and yes, they are but I’m not that tech savvy as the spouse and I didn’t want to disturb him all the time, if I needed to download an app or upload something.

The Blackberry Playbook and the Samsung Tab are a lot heavier than I would like it to be – truth be told as compared to  my mini iPad.  But wait a minute – Microsoft has a tablet too called Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, now I’ve heard little of it but knowing Microsoft, I’m pretty sure it will be marketed heavily.  But of course, you have the Kindle Fire now – going for $199 even in the Canadian market.  But the Apple seems to win in small tablets as well as big ones.

Google Eyes

Actually, it’s known as Google Glass  – a additional apt for Siri – the digital voice assistant for all those iOS devices – this prompts the google smart glass to act apparently.   This is said to be the next gadget that all geeks must have – so I had to check it out of course.  It was sometime in July that I first saw reports about it but I didn’t really pay a lot of attention to it.

I don’t know about others but I wear prescription glasses, so will it work for someone like me?   But I guess it would be good for someone who works as a spy or who just loved gadgets.  Because the Google eyes lets one see maps and directions and record stuff  like what our cellphone does, normally folks wouldn’t need it but the geeks and the techie folks – well that would be another toy for them eh.  But how much will these google eyes cost?  we don’t know yet but basically, the Google eyes do what the cellphone does without having to touch it – but using voice recognition.

Top 10 Console Games To Watch Out For

Sometime in June, there was a game expo in LA and these were some of the games that were introduced.  And below are some that I’ve picked out from a game report that I liked very much.  As you can see some will be exclusively for the Xbox One and others will be for the PS4, so before you head out and buy the next new console – check out the games first.    Next, I’ll be checking out games for younger kids to look out for in the next few months followed by the release for next year.

Spy Gadgets You Wouldn’t Even Noticed

These can be bought for less than $40 online and no one would even noticed it, these are great for legitimate purposes but don’t go be a peeping tom with these gadgets.  A friend has problems with her co-workers in the office, so she should get one of the digital clocks and placed it in her office and no one would know that she is recording stuff in her office.

Gaming Laptop

We haven’t had a lot of gaming laptop coming into our store but once in a while when one does, it does get sold so quick.  Gaming laptops are not cheap at all and although gaming on the laptop is not common around here , there are still a few gamers who insist on spending top dollars in getting one, so that they can play their games anywhere they choose to.  The Alien 18 is one of the heavyweights for gaming laptop but they are bulky and expensive.  Unfortunately, if you want to have a powerful gaming laptop – the heavy part can’t be forgo I guess.  And for the true gamers, the weight and the price wouldn’t stop them from getting it.