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World’s Cheapest Car

Looking for a new car?  perhaps the Tata Nano from India may be for you?  At $2000 for a base car, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much more to add a few other luxuries to this car.  But India made car market ted it badly according to its CEO and will now market it differently.  I’m interested – I don’t understand why people won’t buy it?

Perhaps if the export it out?  because being a 2 person car, folks in India who piles the entire family of 6 on a motorbike wouldn’t want this car that’s for sure.  I will definitely loved to see this car in Canada.

Handy In The Kitchen

This Christmas, I told the spouse that I wanted a mixer lift in the kitchen for all my heavy appliances like the above.  There are a variety of mixer lifts  to choose from and I chose the one that is cheap and easy to DIY, that way I don’t have to wait for the spouse to fit it in for me.  I want the mixer lift to make life easier for me when I need to store and lift heavy gadgets like the above.  It would be easy to use and put away and I don’t have to drag everything out everytime I need to use them and store them quickly when I have guest/s or unexpected ones. Nifty gadget that I feel would be useful to anyone who cooks and bakes.

Doom & Quake Co-Creator Quits

Those who have been playing the games Doom and Quake probably know who John Carmack is.  Well, apparently he is no longer with ID Software.  He will now concentrate at being the CTO of Oculus VR.   He had been juggling 2 roles since August and even though had offered to stay as a consultant, it didn’t work out.  Sad.

Bill Gates Emotional About The Search For Next CEO

First it was Steve Balmer in August when he retired and now Bill Gates is actively looking for a new CEO for Microsoft.  We know that this was coming because sometime in October, rumors has it that some board of directors wanted Bill Gates to step down.  So with the video below, I guess it will be coming soon.  But Bill Gates being so rich and successful I guess he doesn’t really  need the job right?  after all, he will still be getting his dividends.  But it is sad to be asked to leave when this company is your baby.

Samsung Galaxy Tab For Kids

The Galaxy Tab 3 by Samsung dedicated for kids are going for $388 but with limited pre-installed Apps, I wonder if it is such a good choice for parents to purchase for their kids when you can get a mini iPad for less than $300.

But the Galaxy Tab 3 has a front and rear camera and a 1.2GHz dual core processor, maybe that is the reason why it is so expensive?  Of course, it has those safety devices to lock your kid out of sites you don’t want them to be on plus a time manager, whereby, you allow your kids a certain amount of time to be on it.  But if I had a choice, I really wouldn’t get it unless they are for my 2 years old.  But why would a 2 years old need a $400 gadget right?

Fake Samsung

So people beware about buying a Samsung on eBay !  but we bought an old game from eBay too and it didn’t work but both paypal and ebay wouldn’t do anything to the buyer, so we lost our money too.  It sucks !  therefore, I prefer to buy stuff from legitimate source.

Apparently, someone won a bid on ebay for this Samsung phone.  One look at it, you wouldn’t noticed that one of them is a fake but the fake Samsung is actually a generic  android and it was slower than the real Samsung phone.  So buyers beware.

Monthly Fees For Playing Online On Your PS4


It’s not surprising when I read this today but for those who are planning on getting a PS4 this Christmas, take note players for if you are thinking of playing multi-player games and online, you will have to pay Sony.  Sony is going to charge you like Xbox had been for a long time now.  What are the charges?  It’s about US$9.99.  But you can opt to pay an annual fee of  U$49.99, Sony has promised its players more social networking functions but what they are as of right now, we don’t know yet.