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Nokia Bluetooth Shuffle

Looks a lot like the ipod shuffle doesn’t it?  even the colors are quite similar – wonder if Nokia will be sued by Apple?   One could easily mistaken this for a iPod shuffle that’s for sure!  even the price is quite similar to the iPod shuffle too.  But it does take calls too? well it is Bluetooth capable – interesting isn’t it – I will check it out when it comes out on sale in this part of the world.

iPad Air Review

So we finally got our hands on an iPad Air for review from a special electronic store in town.  They wanted me to test it out and tell them about my opinion.  Of course, I’m excited plus I get to keep the iPad Air – woohoo!

Apple Canada sells them for $519 for a 16gb and is ready to ship it to you within 24 hrs, of course, you also can get it immediately, if you check out your local computer or electronic stores.  I would probably wait for one to come in 2nd hand had this one not come in for review from my favorite advertiser.

Like advertised, the iPad Air is very light, a lot lighter than my iPad mini that’s for sure.  It is so thin, I’m kinda afraid that my fingers may slip and it might fall on the ground.  It’s about half a kilo in weigh only, so even lighter than my old style iPad mini.  The iPad Air boast of the 9.7 inch Retina display and as you can see in the picture above, the display is bright and crisp.

I didn’t see any difference in the wireless connection even though it boast of a faster connection but I did find that the games did play a lot faster.  Of course, there are plenty of apps to play around with but I’ve yet to do much with it, since I only got it today.  So more reviews later.  I will test the picture taken and the video making as well – as of now, I don’t know if it is worth paying that much for a tablet, even though I do like how sleek it looked.

Flower Buttons For CellPhones

Decorative cellphone buttons like the above are great but only if you never change your phone or upgrade them I am guessing.  I saw these – well not the same kind as the ones on sale at but in a gift store for $1.99.  They are definitely cute and it will personalized your phone for you.  But like I said, only if you are keeping your phone forever because if you are going to upgrade or re-sell your phone in future, the selling price will be affected if you have it personalized this way. Trust me, the spouse owns a electronic store and the less personalization the better.  But if you really must have them, power to you.

XiaoMi aka Small Grain Of Rice

So what is Xiaomi?  which actually translate to small grain of rice literally.  I am assuming that it’s a China product because of its name but wait a minute before you go – it now has on board with them the former VP of androids from Google with them.   Now that must say something to you right?  for Hugo Barra to leave Lord Google to join this Chinese company.

So what is Xiaomi and what is all the boo-ha about it being the next big thing in Asia?  well, it’s pretty much the most popular phone sold in China at half the price of what most phones are being sold for.  Prices are like $400 but they are said to work better than most android phone we have in town and powerful too.

But a $400 + phone isn’t that cheap either – but with no contract – maybe in Asia it is considered cheap?  nevertheless, I would very much like to see it here in US market as well, that way there will be more competition for other androids and of course good old Apple.

Xiaomi is the brainchild of a local Chinese company and a very young one at that – 2010.  Xiaomi is currently valued at $10 billion – and that is no easy feat.  Xiaomi is dubbed as the Apple of China and that is truly something to be proud of.  If I were you – I would buy some Xiaomi’s ahare right now.

Soaps For Retro Gamers

While many may think that it’s crazy to spend so much on soap, the retro gamers will think otherwise.  From Firebox and at £12.99  about $22 cdn, it better last a long time – hahah!  But they are life size replica of the game and has a citrusy smell to it, so it wouldn’t be too bad to get for your boyfriend or your spouse who is a gamer for stocking stuffer this Christmas.

Google ChromeBook

Just the other day, a customer came in to ask about a Google Chromebook and whether we carry them and how good they are.  We haven’t really dealt with a chromebook yet but from what we heard it’s more like a net book and not a notebook.   So if you are thinking of getting one, know that you cannot download your games or watch a movie with a disc with it.

But don’t go cranky on me now – I found out that you can do anything on the web – and the chromebook is just a device to be used to go on the web to do whatever you need.  And although the Chromebook starts from $249, it can go up to $1000 from what I’ve read but if looks and portability is what you are looking for, then the chromebook is for you.

Do not be mistaken that the Google Chromebook device is named after google alone becuase you can have the HP Chromebook, the Samung Chromebook and various others.   But what can you get for $249?  well, not much to be honest if you are expecting alot like some people would.  Google still wants to make their money right?

For someone who uses Google apps or devices a lot, the Chromebook is definitely a nifty thing to have but like I said earlier, for $249, you cannot expect the battery to last a long time but having said that my Acer laptop is always plugged in just because, I don’t like to run out of battery at any time.  So there are pros and cons and limitation but I wouldn’t mind getting a Chromebook if I am always traveling or going to coffee shops and meeting clients like a sales person.

Some chromebooks can be extremely slow and frustrating, so if you are making presentations or needing a fast processor, you are definitely going to throw your chromebook away sometime out of frustrations.  In a nutshell, the Chromebook is cheap and if you are have wifi all the time, sure get it. But if you don’t have wifi, you cannot log in and use your cloud, so you are probably screwed.  Plus, if you look at the advertisement below, you might want to think again if you should buy a Chromebook.

Fresh Groceries From Amazon

Don’t you sometimes wished you were living in the States?  I do especially since Amazon US has just about everything !  Wherelse Amazon Canada is still very slow on catching up with its US counterpart when it comes to electronics and now even fresh groceries.

For only $35, Amazon can deliver your fresh food to your doorsteps , now wouldn’t that be perfect especially if you are not driving or if you have a snow day or worst 3 children to lug to the store with you.  Yes, it would be the perfect solution for a lot of people especially the older folks who are not as mobile.

So if you are in LA, Seattle and now San Francisco, you can make use of Amazon Grocery service for of course a price  – which is membership fee  too of course.