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Cleaning The Inside Of Your Computer

Folks!  you have to learn to keep your computer clean !!!  this one came in today at the store and mannnn!!! no wonder it isn’t working!  So how do one clean your computer or keep them somewhat clean, so that it doesn’t look this way?  It’s pretty easy actually and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn how to do it.

Take off the side panel of your computer, and with a vacuum cleaner, suck up all the dirt you can find inside your computer.  See all those little cylinders over on the side, try not to knock it with the vacuum cleaner and that’s all to it.   So yes, folks, don’t be afraid to take the panel off and vacuum the inside of your computer, so that your computer doesn’t heat up or clog up the fan and not work anymore.

End Of Window XP


I’ve read that it is on April 8 2014 before Windows has no support nor updates but I didn’t know that you cannot find drivers for windows xp anymore.  A customer was in to get his old Windows XP installed only to find out that we can’t find any drivers to support it at all.  So after much reading and going into a forum about Windows XP, we found out that we can’t even get Windows XP ;running for him at all.  So in the end we had to put on Vista for him.

So if anyone is asking you to reinstall Window XP onto his laptop or computer, you can stop wasting your time and tell him it’s not possible.  Plus if you have a Window XP in running and working order right now, once the support and updates are eliminated for good in April 2014, your computer/laptop is going to be very vulnerable to viruses and security breaches.

So think about it before continue using your Window XP, if you haven’t upgraded yet, it’s time to do it now.

DIY Home Repairing Jobs

This techy chick is very handy because I can do a lot of repairs around the home and office by myself.  I even know where to get the gadgets or accessories needed for different projects that I’m looking for.  The Reid Supply hardware  is my to go online hardware place for doing my DIY projects.  The even have cable ties for my computer accessories and hooking up my stereo and sound systems. I feel so good when I’m able to do so many little handy work jobs around the house and office, you should try it sometime too.

Wireless Charging At Starbucks

In the future if you are in a heavily trafficked Starbucks, you can sit and have a cup of coffee/frappuccino and snack but also charge up on your Apple devices.  The charging is free and all you need to do is to place your device on this power placemat and it is up for charging.  No dates were given for this program to happen but it was said to be anytime soon.

Since I know that alot of Asians loved going to Starbucks and write their blogs and meet up, it would be a great idea to have in Asia’s Starbucks especially those affluent ones in Asia countries.

PS :  Stores in Boston and California had been chosen to test this set up already.

Geek’s Wedding

 The funny thing about geeks are they are quite successful in their own way.  Most have great jobs and making good money and most marry another geek.  And when it comes to a wedding, they usually planned it big and wedding photographers are very important to a geek’s wedding.  The  nc photographers  are one of the best photographers if you ask me, check out their website if you don’t believe me, they have some awesome portfolio.

I love geeks wedding because they are so fun and so unique,  from the theme of a geek wedding to the cake, the table dressing and even the food, they are all planned in such precise order, you know that these geek friends of mine take their wedding vows seriously.  I’ve attended one with a Star Wars theme, it was pretty awesome and the wedding pictures came out so awesome, the wedding photographers should take alot of credit for that.  So if you are invited to a geek wedding, don’t ever miss it, you will have so much fun, you won’t forget it.

Mine Condoms

Condoms for liberated woman like us ?  Even men finds it embarrassing to buy condoms in the local pharmacy, so it’s much more embarrassing for the women folks?  But for the modern women like us, we should be able to buy our own condoms, have a healthy sex life and be able to protect ourselves against unwanted diseases and pregnancy at this time and age.

The packaging for the Mine condoms were designed by a group of art student for women folks of this century.  The idea is to eliminate any embarrassing stigma that women may have purchasing their own condoms or having pleasure with sex without making them feel like a whore or slut because they are having protected sex.

Mine condoms can be bought online and would  probably be on sale in retail stores soon.