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A Tent That Charges Your Phone

This tent is definitely going to be a favorite amongst those who loved camping and I know alot of those people.  Why? because although alot of these outdoorsy people loved the outdoors, they still love their gadgets and being able to stay connected at all times.

The Katabatic Tent is a high tech tent that allows you to charge your cellphone and most of your gadgets.  Using solar power, the tent comes with a roof-integrated 18-watt solar panel thus allowing you the camper/s to charge your gadgets easily.  Entrepreneur Eddie Bauer and solar-powered-product firm Goal Zero collaborated and came up with this awesome design and idea thus making it possible for those campers out there to stay connected all the time.

What’s the catch?  money/price!  the tent is about $600 USD but you also have to get a $200 50 kilowatt lithium ion pack or a Yeti solar generator for $1800.   So unless, you really, really love camping or your gadgets, I bet only avid camper or very rich will buy the above tent.

Apple’s White Screen Of Death

This is the first time that I’ve heard about the white screen of death, so it is good to know because we do have iphones and ipads amongst us.   Apparently, Apple has known about this issue for a long time now and they are supposedly getting a fix for it.  iPhones running on the IOS 7 is said to be affected by a software bug and when you drop your iphone, it tends to reboot and battery will drop to 30 percent.  The update will be come alongside IOS 7.1 and will bring changes in the interface as well as design.

Snacks For Geeks

I love snacking but I love anything that is apricot  .  Now what is there not to love about apricot right?  they are sweet, they are yummy, they are chewing and best of all good for health.  Give me apricot anytime verses chocolate or any other kind of junk food.  I loathe junk food and geeks like myself do not eat junk food.  For those who thinks that people who sits in front of the computer are all lazy and fat and eat unhealthy, you are so wrong.  I love anything organic and healthy and apricot has got to be one of my favorite snacks.