Archives for March 2014

Fan For XBox 360

A customer came in to ask about a replacement fan for his xbox 360 and I went like huh?  I didn’t think that there is a replacement fan for them.  But I do know that all console has some kind of fan as they need to keep the console cool when it is running.  But unlike the computer or a laptop, we didn’t have any ready in stock fans for him.

And yes, you can order the fan, open up the xbox 360 and have it replaced but I don’t think just about anyone knows how to do it.  But the spouse figured that he can do it for him if he asked nicely and I’m going to assume that he will read up on it or check it out from youtube how to do it.

Flappy Bird

So I asked the spouse, what’s with this Flappy birds that are on the phones that people keep talking about and selling for higher price just because of the game?

So the spouse replied that it is just a game on phones and people thinks that since the app was taken down by the creator who is a Vietnamese and can’t seems to get around his so-called fame, it is valuable ?  well, something along those lines I guess.

Well, firstly, we are not paying more for a phone because of the no -longer exist app and secondly, folks – creator said he will put it back up for everyone in a later date.  I supposed he needs to get his head around his so-called fame first.

Money Transfer With No Hidden Cost

Money transfer thru’ the banks are so expensive, you would be shocked !  because I’m married and lived in Canada, I had to do money transfer back home for my parents initially and mannn!! it cost me and my spouse like $50 each time we transfer any money back home to Asia.  Yes, it was ridiculous! it made no sense whatsoever!

 Now, you can transfer money thru’ paypal, Skype and even thru’ your gmail account to your bank – it’s just crazy! and the fee is like so minimum, you wouldn’t believed it.  Transferwise an internet transfer service makes it possible for anyone to send money from one country to another without having to pay bank fees that would make the sender a really painful experience each time they need to transfer money for business or personal uses.