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Youtube and Vlogging


Yes, I have been addicted to Vlogging and the Youtube of late , why?  because a dear friend of mine is on youtube and vlogging as well and doing mighty well at it.  I’m so thrilled and never thought that a youtuber and vloggers can have such a big impact on people around the world.

Can you imagine having a million subscribers to your vlog on youtube?  yup!  they are famous alright ! and I’m so happy for her and her entire family who have been doing this for years with her.  Success online can be so sweet because you can meet some really wonderful people online.  While some people don’t even want their photos on facebook, here we have an entire family vlogging and sharing their daily lives with everyone.   And not just sharing but so informative as well.  I loved the beauty channels and the life vlogs so much, I’m thinking how brave these vloggers are.