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Apple Goofed


Yup ! i read about it too – did you?  you can’t update your OS X software last weekend because Apple people goofed !   they didn’t renew their SSL certificate.  Big boo boo!

canada to allow smartphone on air


Yes, you heard right! I was quite shocked too because didn’t someone say that using electronic devices like a cellphone can interrupt signals of a plane?  Perhaps, I am wrong but yes, you can use tablets, video games and your phone just as long as they are not in a transmission mode.

So before this ruling, I hear you can use your phones and tablets before take off and during landing but not during, so why the change of mind by Transport Canada?  I guess, it is to stay competitive with other airlines who are already doing this.

Techy Chick Needs Insurance

 Yes, this techy chick needs to take care of her insurance needs!  especially for my health purpose and life insurance.  I know the spouse has the house and the business insurance all take care of but I don’t have a life insurance in the west like I did when I was home in Asia.  But since migrating to the West, I haven’t looked into anything because I was so busy looking after our business and the kid.  But now that everything is settled, I have to give  don allred insurance  a call to see what they can do for me.  Needless, to say, you shouldn’t be like I and wait this long to get your insurance in order.

Boyfriend Pillow


Hehe! need i say more?   so where does one get a boyfriend pillow I hear you asking?  there is a Korean website that sells them for like $20 something dollars but I bet you can find one in a USA website as well.  So lonely girls and women don’t have to force themselves and find themselves jerk boyfriends just because, they need someone to hug or go to bed with.

PS :  Amazon sells them for like $36 !  so check that out.  I rather have a boyfriend pillow than one that smacks me around or treats me like dirt.  No thank you !

Free Shipping At Apple’s On Father’s Day


Father’s day is just round the corner and if your dad or the spouse love Apple products, now’s the time to get some because Apple is offering free shipping during Father’s day.  But wait a min?  isn’t all Apple’s product offering free shipping?  as far as I remember, I’ve always gotten free shipping from Apple?  so what so special ?  well, I don’t really know but I’m not sure either but go ahead and get something from Apple for your dad or spouse.

AV Room Portable Turntable


I saw one of the youtuber having a flowery one and thought what a neat idea it is. I showed the spouse but he said that he has heard that USB turntables are not as good as the real one.  Now it would have been nice, if I had gotten this for Mother’s day and to place in the cottage of ours.  For $160 USD, you can get one from Urban Outfitters.  And below is the specifications :

Turn dusty LPs into digital gold! This stylish turntable is easy to use and allows for deck and MP3 player integration, featuring a belt-drive system so you can play 7″ and 12″ records at a 33/45/78 rpm. Fitted with an automatic return arm, diamond stylus needle and built-in dynamic, full-range stereo speakers for an all-round awesome listener experience. Compatible with both MAC + PC operating systems and runs on 12 watts. UO Exclusive.

iPhone 6


Surprise ! surprise!  well  not really!  how could you be surprised that Apple will have another model of the iPhones out soon.  But yes, you read right, the rumors has it that the iPhone 6 will be released this year even though we all expected it much earlier like in 2013.  It is also rumored that the screen would be bigger – now that is a plus because I switched to a Samsung just because of that.

I’m also hoping the the iPhone 6 will be lighter than all the other models.  I’m also hoping that Apple will make different color iPhone as compared to the usual black and white and a gold in Asia.  As for the iPhone prices, well, one can expect at least $100 USD more than the previous model.  So folks, or those gadget geeks out there, start saving now.

Updating WordPress 3.9


So I was trying to work on my blogs this morning and I can’t do anything.  It would let me log in but after that, nothing at all.  Darn!  So finally, the spouse updated all my wordpress blogs to 3.9 and it worked immediately.  I guess, I need to be more vigilant from now on and do the updating on my own.

So if you’ve never updated your blogs, don’t forget to do it when you see a message telling you that updates are available.  It’s so easy and no one should have any trouble doing it on your own.  I’ve been a slacker!