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Music Gears


Friends are constantly asking where we get all our music gears at home and I tell them that  musicianfriends  is the place to order them online.  I loved that they have all the things we need and more and whenever I need to get the spouse any gifts for any occasion, I go online and order it from them.

Whether you are looking for something on the high end side or if you are on a budget, they have something that I can buy that is useful to the spouse.  I loved that they ship internationally, so when Christmas comes, I can order from them and mail it directly to different part of Canada for the extended family.

They carry, drums, guitars, amps, DJ software and just about anything a musician need, you don’t need to be a professional to order from them, we are just your ordinary basement music players.

Smart Phone Holder


If you are like everyone else who uses their iPhone for youtube videos and movies, well , wouldn’t it be awesome to have this holder with you when you are eating and you need to watch a movie on your phone?  For only $9, you can find this on this Korean website – called connect design.


Comes in various colors as you can see here, so it’s unisex.

Fried Chicken Orea Faked


Did you really fall for it?  Ahhh..!!  good old internet !!  all the things that people can come up with.  While some people may like fried chicken alot I can’t see Oreo making it and putting it on the shelf.  And yes, it’s confirmed that it’s fake , so no worries , no clogging of anyone’s arteries.

Auto Touchless Trash Can


I guess every girl does need a hello kitty touchless garbage can for their own personal use right?  How can one resist something so cute, even though it’s a trash can.  I bet with this at home, everyone will be cleaning up after themselves more often, just to put their hands over the top and see it automatically/magically open itself and then closes itself after trash is deposited.

At $ 141, this must be one of the most expensive trash can I would buy and if you are ready for one, head over to Japan Trend Shop and have them mail it to you.

Smart Yoga Mat


A smart yoga mat that can tell you whether you are doing your yoga correctly or not – now isn’t that awesome!  one don’t have to go to a yoga class for your yoga anymore.   Apparently it’s called a Beacon yoga mat and it’s still in the makings, we don’t know the price yet but this is what they say below about it.

Say namaste to your boring old yoga mat! Introducing Beacon, the smart mat that provides interactive guidance. Beacon communicates via bluetooth or USB cable with your laptop or smartphone to track progress, provide feedback, and help perfect your pose. Thanks to the embedded LEDs and pressure sensors, it turns purple to show you the correct position, red in areas where you’re applying too much pressure, and green when you are accurately balanced.

Feet Hammock


Hehehe! way too funny right?  a hammock for your feet – bet my boss would like it when he sees this under my desk.  I guess it is ok if you use it at home but really?  how comfy can it get?  why not just go to the sofa or bed if you needed to rest your feet.  And for $30 , well – it’s definitely not for me, I’m too el cheapo.  But for those who feels they have too much money for something so bizarre – all power to you.