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Computer Repairs Accessories

 The spouse loves to do stuff to his home computers every now and then and nuy all his repair accessories from  especially when he needs lots of cable ties and other computer things.  He also got a heat gun from this place because he needed to solder some parts together at times but we always warn the kid not to go near the heat gun when he is using them.

Plus if you own a computer repair store, you buy cables and network stuff by the bulk, so it’s good to know that we can get everything from them and save on our shipping.  I’m also learning how to use some of the repair accessories and find that putting capacitors together can be quite fun.

iCloud Hacking


So nude pictures of celebrities have been surfacing around the internet and rumors has it that they were the targeted group for hackers on their iCloud.   But if you are not a celebrity, I guess you have no worries that yours is going to be hacked.

At first Apple had issue a statement denying a breach of the iCloud but later during the day, Tim Cook – Apple’s current CEO had come up and addressed the issue and said that they were taking extra measurements to secure the security system.  So I guess the initial statement was false and they already knew that their security department had been compromised?

I’m just glad that I’m no celebrity but then I have no nude pictures to be leaked, so i just say that some celebrities are just dumb.

Solar Powered Phone Charger


Now this girl can definitely use one of this gadget , although not new, it would be an great way to charge up your cellphones and other gadgets don’t you think?  you can find these chargers at Amazon apparently and they are like $30 only !   So if you have a iPhone 5 , go get it, it charges a good 10 – 15 hrs – pretty awesome!