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$50 Discount On Xbox One This Holiday


For those eyeing to get an xbox one – this holiday season may be the best time to get one for yourself.  Microsoft has just announced a $50 off for your xbox one – starting at $349 instead of $399.  Pretty decent I have to say and I’m sure it will be sole out in no time.  I also read that there is going to be a special edition console for this holiday season which includes the Assassin’s Creed bundle with Unity and there are 2 games included as well.  And we also have the white xbox one console – i like the white one of course and it’s called the Call of Duty bundle with Advanced warfare and there is a custom design on the console too.

The sale starts on November 2 and will last till the end of the year, so geeks and gamers out there, don’t forget to get ahold of yours now.


Easy Instrument For Geeks

A few days ago, I said how many of my geeky friends in university loves playing the banjo right?  well some do play the guitar too like the spouse and myself.  There were  Limited availability  of them when we were studying but now we can get just about any type of guitar we want.   But when you are still in school and spending your parents money, you need to justify where your spending were, so we bought the cheapest and reasonably good guitars for our lessons.

We chose the guitars because they were a much cheaper instrument to pick up and it was easy to carry them around.  One didn’t have to give them any special care and with some guitar picks and changing of guitar strings once in a while, we were good to go.  So if you are thinking of taking up an instrument while in college or the University, choose the guitar, they are pretty inexpensive these days.

Diabetic Bear


I wished they had this bear much earlier because we know a few kids who have diabetes when they were really young and this bear would be a life saver for the parents and kids.  I would have definitely bought this for my friend’s kids because I have Type 2 diabetes and I know how hard it is for an adult to understand everything about diabetes therefore must be much harder for kids.

At $299 a bear, this bear was specially invented to aid diabetic kids and it would be great for every kid that is newly diagnose with diabetic to have one.  Kids can give the bear insulin and connect to games that are related to diabetic and educate themselves.  You can also donate a bear to a child who is diagnose with diabetes by donating online at Indiegogo.

Banjos For Geek Get-Together


You will be very surprised if I tell you how many of us from our class in university can play the  Banjos  when we have a class -gathering.   I don’t know why we all wanted to learn how to play the Banjos but when we were in Scotland and thought that would be kinda nerdy enough for the others, we just figured why not.  Although at that time, we couldn’t afford a really good banjo, we still managed to get some at a decent price, and since we are having a get-together soon, I figured, I should get a better one and practice before the get – together.  I really look forward to playing the banjos with my geeky friends from way back.

A Minion Sofa Bed For Geeks


My kid loves her minion t-shirt but would she sleep on a minion double bed /sofa ?  May be a bit creepy for her but I’m sure geeks out there would fork out $300 easily for this from  A wee bit expensive for novelty sake but if you are like myself, I wouldn’t mind spending that kinda money just so that friends and family visiting would have a good laugh.

Health Insurance For Geeks


A customer was just talking about health insurance provided by her company from  greensboro nc  and had also included that folks like us who works behind a desk do not need any kind of insurance.   She figured we don’t have health hazard nor will we get hurt in our type of job, so why waste money with insurance.  Of course, everyone needs health insurance , even geeks like us do get ill and we might get diabetes or may break our arms or legs due to an unforeseen accident.

 No one knows when one is going to get ill like myself.  I was like in my late 30s when I found out that I was diabetic and had I known that I will have diabetes I would have gotten my health insurance much earlier.  After learning that I’m diabetic, it was harder for me to get any insurance company to insure me.

Especially for those like us who sits behind the desk on a daily basis and eating at wrong time of the day with no schedule because of our workload, moreso, we have to get insured.  So if you are a geek or know anyone who works constantly sitting behind a desk, make sure you get him or her to get some kind of health insurance.

Batmobile Slippers


Any guy out there would love to have a bat mobile room slippers , especially the nerdier ones.   If you can’t have the real bat mobile, have it’s slippers for only $15.50 at Hot Topic – currently on sale.  Great Christmas present for the boyfriend or spouse.

Customize Your Burger


 Yup!  you heard me right, in Australia’s MacDonald , they are having a trial version of customize burger to your taste buds and looking at a youtube video they had provided, it seems easy enough.  So on a touch screen computer, you just touch and away you go with your burger and choose whatever you want to eat.  And at the end of everything, you can even choose where you are going to sit because they serve you the burger to your table.  Pretty cool right?

Create Your Taste’ menu is available only at Castle Hill restaurant in western Sydney but fret not because in the coming months, it will be all over Australia. Now when will this come to USA and Canada, I wouldn’t know.  But I’m looking forward to this new gadget/novelty of ordering your very own kind of burger.

HTC Desire EYE


I haven’t used the HTC before but they are not very popular in this part of the world but if the new HTC Desire Eye looks exactly like the above, I’m quite interested in getting one for myself.  Available first on Amazon in India in late November, I supposed it will be available in the West in no time at all.

Noteworthy difference in the HTC Desire eye smartphone is its selfie focused and a front facing camera as well as a rear camera.  Both features may not be new to a lot of people but because of it 13 megapx sensors and both has LED flash, you won’t be taking an over -expose picture anything soon.  I don’t know how much they will eventually go for but it will be something to look forward to in the near future.