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Convention Events


The spouse and I attended a recent convention event  in the city as a sponsor.  Since we were given a table during the convention to sell our goods, we found some  fitted tablecloths from here  to make our display table look nice and presentable.   And I wished that everyone had some kind of fitted tablecloths for their table because some just put all their goods on the plain table making some tables looked so plain and in fact quite ugly.

Everyone had asked where we had gotten our tablecloths and wished they had some too but we only bought one for ourselves , now had we known that others would like some I would have ordered more online.  Unfortunately, most convention event organizers do not provide anything except tables and chairs for the convention and the rest is up to you to dress up your display.

PS Vita Owners $50 Claim


 So I read today that if you own a PS Vita, Sony may owe you $50 in credit or a $50 in merchandise credit or $25 in cash.  But hold your horses, don’t be like me, and getting all excited because you have to have that PS Vita before 1 June 2012 and you probably need to prove that you are the owner before then.

So my question is – would anyone go thru’ all this trouble just for $50 in credit or $25 in cash?  I wouldn’t – way too much work for such a small amount for return.  But it’s good to know that Sony is being penalized for false advertising in 2012 , telling gamers and to be owners of a PS Vita that the system’s remote play, cross platform and cross save features.  Which obviously isn’t true.

“Sony claimed, for example, that PS Vita users could pause any PS3 game at any time and continue to play the game on their PS Vita from where they left off,” the FTC says. “This feature, however, was only available for a few PS3 games, and the pause-and-save capability described in the ads varied significantly from game to game. For example, with respect to MLB 12: The Show, consumers could only save the game to the PS Vita after finishing the entire nine-inning game on their PS3. In addition, Sony failed to inform consumers that to use this feature, purchasers had to buy two versions of the same game — one for their PS3 and one for the PS Vita.”

So I was told that Sony must send an email to those they can find as owners of the early PS Vita but for those who didn’t received them, and can prove that yours was bought before June 2012, well, go claim your $50 in credit or $25 in Cash.

WOW For Free ?


Don’t you wished ! hahah! but nope not free World of Warcraft but free game time because during the expansion launch , the players had some trouble and so Blizzard had generously offer 5 days extension of free game play for those who’ve bought their expansion.  The die hard fans of World of Warcraft had been awaiting the  Warlords of Draenor expansion pack for the longest time.

Blizzards server got crashed because when the expansion went live, returning players and existing ones were said to have crashed it. Now this definitely showed how many people love this game and had been playing World of Warcraft for the longest time.  But rumors has it that the game and its server hasn’t been smoother ever since.  So what’s up with that Blizzard ?

Best Tech Gifts For Your Techie Boyfriends


When I first came across Bose , it was at my gynae’s office and I didn’t think that I could ever afford it.  But looks like they make them a lot bigger now and just about anyone can afford them.  I still think that they have the best sound and worth investing in.  So this Christmas, if you are looking for  something affordable and portable, you can check the new soundlink bluetooth speaker at $139.99 + taxes (of course).  Comes in different colors and it’s lightweight and compact.  But they are not just for guys, girls can have it too and I wished they made it a lot more pinky in colors for the ladies out there.


GoPro Hero 4 Black is new , of course, you ain’t going to go wrong with the older version but if you really want to splurge on your techie boyfriend or spouse, well for $499, you can buy this from Amazon.  So if you are going on a road trip next summer, you can be sure he will enjoy the GoPro Hero 4 black tremendously.   And you can always get some GoPro Accessories for them if they already have an older one and don’t want to upgrade.