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Christmas Gift For Couples


Shopping for a Christmas gift for the couple that has got everything?  and can’t find a thing to get for them.  Well, look no more, we had the same trouble too and if you have the same problem as we did , get some  salsa lessons santa monica  for them like we did.  What is more romantic than a couple going for dance classes together, it’s not only healthy but also very useful for couples who don’t spend a lot of time together doing things together.  If we had dance classes like this in our area, I would be getting dance classes for my in – laws as well as aunts and uncles and even co-workers.  I would definitely appreciate it if I were to get some free dance lessons.

Zoomer Dog For Christmas


The kid got herself a Zoomer Zuppies a smaller version of the Zoomer Dog for half its price but we quickly learned that the Zoomer Zuppies didn’t do very much.  So of course, we returned it.  This Christmas, we are trying to figure out if we should get her the more expensive Zoomer Dog for $88 + tax , meaning that we have to pay about $100 here in Canada.

So I did a little more research to see if it was worth paying so much for a toy dog.  The Zoomer dog needs to be trained to do a few tricks but if you don’t want to have a real dog to walk them and clean after it and feed it everyday, this may be the next best thing for your kids under 10 yrs old.  My kid may be about 11 yrs old soon but she sure is a real kid deep inside.  So we may break down and get her this electronic dog that can do a few tricks.