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Keecker Robot

Did you know that the Keecker Robot was a kickstarter project?  Yes, apparently, 294 backers pledged $260,574 to help bring this project to life.  Now ain’t that awesome !

At $4000 a pop to bring it home to your living room, it might be a little bit too expensive for the moderate home for us.  But lets see what a Keecker does , at least we know that it’s more than a Roomba that cleans and vacuum your house.  Keecker is said to sync with your devices and acts as a projector, sound system, webcam, and home monitoring system.  Now that is pretty interesting but is it really worth $4000?   What do you think?  would you pay that kind of money ?

 Lebeau likes to refer to the Keecker as “a collective computer” that’s meant for the use of an entire family, not just one individual. He also hopes that, by harnessing the functions of multiple devices, it will free people from the confines of their couch or laptop screen