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Grooming The Geek


The spouse is quite the geek , in terms of looks and dressing.  He doesn’t really bother about how he looks as long as he is clean.  So with a birthday coming up really soon , what do one get for him?  I get him this aftershave that I know he uses all the time , but this year, I decided to look  for pinaud after shave  because I’ve heard good things about it.   Grooming the geek isn’t easy, but someone has to do it.

XiaoYi Sports Camera


So what is the difference between this Xiaomi Xiaoyi Sports Camera and a Go – Pro ?  first the pricing of course.  Costing as little as $87 USD from various sites, you can even get free shipping depending on where you are .  Weighing only 72 grams, wifi capable, takes about 7 photos/sec and water proof with a special case.  And most importantly , easy to mount , so you can bring it on your hiking trips or mount it on your pets for fun.  It can also take wide angle pictures and videos and you can then download it directly from the cam because it has got free wi-fi connectivity.   A longer battery life for the Xiao Yi Sports camera because it doesn’t need a lot of power.

If I were traveling to a scenic place or someone who is into biking, hiking or even walking trails, I would definitely get the XiaoYi sports camera.  It’s not too expensive for a presenet for your kids either.

Illegal Down-loaders Beware


I just read that folks in Singapore who’ve downloaded the movie Dallas Buyers Club are in trouble of copyright infringement and that the people who owns the movie are going after illegal downloaders.  A bit surprised that they are doing it to the people in Singapore about 500 of them , forcing internet companies in Singapore to give out the subscribers information.

Why surprised ?  because the downloading problem seems to be even higher here in the West than the East , so why start with Singapore?  You and I know that it’s illegal to download anything illegally but it had been going on for decades now and even with shutting down sites like Pirate Bay hasn’t stopped people from downloading illegally.

So what is going to happen from here on if you are one that received the “letter”  from  Dallas Buyers Club LLC?  Don’t panic yet, because to sue you they would have to prove that you’ve infringed their property rights and it isn’t going to be easy.  I think movie owners of Dallas Buyers Club is trying to bully these 500 people to pay up, so go seek legal advice from a lawyer, preferably an infringement rights lawyer.

Custom Labeling For Your Music Disc


Customers at our store are always burning off their own music for their own entertainment.  We have quite a few wannabe musicians and the next Canadian Idol.  I recommend the  lightscribe cd r  to them because after they’ve burnt their own music onto the disc, they can just flip it over and put their very own custom design onto the disc.  Pretty easy and even a child can do it once they are taught how to.

Good for clubs that wants to distribute their meetings or celebration or even photographers or wedding planners who wants to record and give a copy as a gift to their clients.