Archives for January 2016

LaunchPad Mini


Making music has never been easier with the   launchpad mini  on your PC or even your iPad and Mac .   Now normally folks say that if you can use it on your PC, you can’t use it on your iPad or Mac, but after reading up on the information on what it can do, I might just buy it for my kids.  And because it is so small, you can travel with it and use it anywhere and anytime.  And since it is fairly affordable, I might get 2 , one for each kid.

Ruggie For The Sleepy


A rug that won’t let you oversleep, sounds very interesting right?  So if you have any sleepy heads at home and have trouble getting up, you have to back this kick starter project and get one quickly.  Why?  because the sleeper needs to get up , step on the rug and won’t let you press the snooze button like other alarm clocks.  I like the motivation messages best !  One can also use the rug as a night light when you are up late at night trying to get a drink or to go to the bathroom.  So back this awesome kick starter if you want to get one of this awesome ruggie in September 2016.  I loved kick starters and for only $79 USD , I think it’s a great way to support another person’s dream as well as having a cool gadget.

Get Unstuck During Winter


If you are living in Canada like I am , you will know that winter can be really wicked at times and having said that, it can get dangerous if you are stuck in the cold because you can plow yourself out from the snow in time.   I saw a demo on youtube called the –  Trac- Grabber – a traction device for all kinds of vehicle.  Only $49 for 2 of it for each tire , less than $100 USD to get them for all 4 tires in case you get stuck in the snow in a remote area and you never had to pay someone to plow you out either from your driveway.  I just ordered 2 boxes because you never know during winter , how bad it will get.  Free shipping from Amazon too.