Maximizing Your Amp Performance


Since our store deal with some musical instruments, we are often asked how to maximize customer’s amp’s performance.  Seriously, we are no expert but we an do some  tube amp troubleshooting  for them and suggest some solutions.  We also armed ourselves with some knowledge by reading it up on the internet, that way we can always try and help and also not sound too ignorant.  But what we don’t understand is when the customer/s asked for advice but yet comes up with their own “possible” solution.  Some just don’t know when to leave it to the pros to help them, and as for those kind of customers there is really nothing much we can do to assist them.

Solar Powered Phone Charger


Now this girl can definitely use one of this gadget , although not new, it would be an great way to charge up your cellphones and other gadgets don’t you think?  you can find these chargers at Amazon apparently and they are like $30 only !   So if you have a iPhone 5 , go get it, it charges a good 10 – 15 hrs – pretty awesome!

DIY Home Repairing Jobs

This techy chick is very handy because I can do a lot of repairs around the home and office by myself.  I even know where to get the gadgets or accessories needed for different projects that I’m looking for.  The Reid Supply hardware  is my to go online hardware place for doing my DIY projects.  The even have cable ties for my computer accessories and hooking up my stereo and sound systems. I feel so good when I’m able to do so many little handy work jobs around the house and office, you should try it sometime too.

Flower Buttons For CellPhones

Decorative cellphone buttons like the above are great but only if you never change your phone or upgrade them I am guessing.  I saw these – well not the same kind as the ones on sale at but in a gift store for $1.99.  They are definitely cute and it will personalized your phone for you.  But like I said, only if you are keeping your phone forever because if you are going to upgrade or re-sell your phone in future, the selling price will be affected if you have it personalized this way. Trust me, the spouse owns a electronic store and the less personalization the better.  But if you really must have them, power to you.

Home Renovations

Some home renovations we can handle on our own but some we need to hire someone to do it for us.  I’m quite handy when it comes to fixing things and give me some shims i can even level a toilet for you.  It’s good to know a few things that way you don’t have to wait for the spouse to do everything or call on a plumber or an electrician but of course not everyone is as handy as I am – and for the more difficult things, the spouse would have to handle it.  I’m just glad that I married a Westerner because my Asian guy friends are not as handy – well unless they had stayed overseas for abit for work or studies then I guess they had no choice but to learn to be handy.

Skylander Collection

Yes! our personal collection for the kid – we bought just about everyone we could find for her on a yardsale and from EB games and the latest from Walmart and she didn’t even ask for it. The skylander figurines are for the Skylander game – and the figurines does different powers for the game and the best part of the skylander figurines are they can be use for the PS3, the xbox 360 and the Wii and the PC too!  wow right?

Different figure has different powers and they also have memory to remember the game experiences and upgrades you have done. Some of the figures comes with stickers, or web codes and trading cards and magic items.  Pretty interesting and the kid and spouse loved the game for their sundays together.

Phone Cases

Like all new cellphone owners – we always loved to dress up our cellphones – some loved to bling them – but I just buy phone cases for them.  So I went out and paid like $30 for my Blackberry phone case – for my new blackberry torch only to find out that it doesn’t fit my cellphone.   My cellphone is a Blackberry Torch 9800 smartphone – while this case is for a 8500 series !  darn!  oh well – at least I can still use my cellphone without the case – but I’m hurting down some phone case again and there are a few places I can get them at the local mall.  I’m also thinking of getting some bling for my new blackberry – but I figured if i do it – it would be impossible to upgrade to another model but I do love some bling.

So even though I’m never a girly girl – I might shock everyone and get some bling bling.

BuckyBalls Pink

Pink is definitely pretty – but you must be wondering what do they do right?  I wondered too – I walked around Staples the other day and saw these on sale.  So I looked at it – and it didn’t really tell me a lot.  These buckyballs has 216 neo-magnet balls and are made with nickel finish.  Well, I found a video on youtube on it – and it looked pretty fun – basically – you just turned them into things and shapes you want. Apparently, these are made to relieve stress but not for kids to play with – guess they are afraid that kids may swallow them – and I won’t rule that out – because I pushed an eraser into my nose when I was a kid.  What was I thinking right?  Pretty amusing – and it would cost you like $30 for them – after shipping.

“U” Lamp Multicolor

A very interesting lamp when lighted up but a pretty simple one too – using multi-color rubber band – the glass is made out of blown glass and definitely a great piece of decor and lamp for a corner table – but to spend $120 for a lamp – well, if i had the extra money – no problem at all.   But when it isn’t lighted up – it sure doesn’t look as beautiful nor as interesting.

Alternative Bulbs

Love these bulbs – from Plumen – it’s supposed to be eco friendly and uses 80% less energy – but who cares about that – when the bulbs are so funky right?  They are not cheap about $98 for 4 bulbs but it’s supposed to burn 8 yrs – so if you calculate it that way – it’s not that expensive.  Now there is no way to change a new set of bulbs I am assuming.  Order them online from Plumen’s website.

Four bulbs included. Pendant lamp cords/fixtures not included. Plumen gives off 11 watts, equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent bulb; 120V. It will burn for approximately 80,000 hours, or eight years. Instructions on recycling options are included.