5 String Guitar


I’ve played on a 6 string guitar before but never on a  5 string guitar  , so when the spouse wanted one for Christmas, I had to do some hunting for it at a good price.  Nothing too cheap for the husband, else he would think I don’t appreciate him and it has to be a decent quality one.  But of course, there are so many to choose from , so a lot of reading up is necessary and checking out real reviews for the guitar I want to purchase from other people who’ve bought the same guitar before.  As Christmas draws nearer, I’m just glad that I can find it online to purchase and have them mail it to me before the day.



Everyone wants a hoverboard for Christmas , so I was told in USA after watching Casey Neistat on youtube go on his hoverboard everytime he had to go somewhere.  So what is a hoverboard ?  How much is it and does it really work , I hear you asking.  Some places are selling it for as much as $600 in USA but I know that you can get them from China , the exact same thing for only $300 USD.

But I just read a few minutes ago that the cops in New York city has confirmed that HoverBoards are illegal to have it on the roads in New York City.  So dear Casey isn’t gonna be able to use it on the road no more.  But not to worry he has another skateboard that he uses but that would be for another day and another story.  Note that if you are caught riding it in New York, you can be fined up to $500 USD, also in UK.   But thus far in Canada, no problems and in a small town like ours, I doubt there will be a law about it.  So Canadians buy away for Christmas.

But how easy is it to maneuver this beast?   I think it takes some practice and of course you may scrap your knees and fall flat on your face a few times but overall, I don’t think it should be really hard to learn to use it especially if you were a young person.

Forget pedaling or skating to work or class, there’s a new transportation king in town (and no, it’s not a Segway). If you’ve been out and about in the past months, there’s no doubt you’ve seen these self-balancing scooters popping up like crazy—and the MonoRover R2 is the creme-of-the-crop. Equipped with sensors that detect even the slightest of movements in your feet and ankles, it’s intuitive, safe, and lightweight. This hot two-wheeler can be yours absolutely free of charge–and it’s as easy as a simple entry!

– Go up to 8 miles per hour thanks to the dual motors
– Make sure each micro-movement in your feet & ankles is detected w/ the active sensors under each foot pad
– Easily carry the lightweight scooter
– Seamlessly turn in narrow spaces w/ 0-degree turning radius
– Maintain your balance w/ Gyroscopic technology
– Easily go uphill & navigate over speed bumps w/ 15-degree climb
– Light up the road & stay safe w/ 2 blue LEDs
– Go 10- to 12-miles per charge

Lego Big Bang Theory


Geeks Into Trumpets


Yes, lately I’ve noticed that most of my geeky and nerdy friends are quite talented.  Not only are they great with the computer, coding and on top of all new gadgets and games , they are musically inclined too.  I had the pleasure of being entertained by a group of nerdy friends who play the trumpet , of course they didn’t use  trumpets for professionals  but I think they are the above average trumpet players.  You will be surprised with some geeky friends of yours because their talents are not limited to just nerdy and geeky stuff as I found out.

Lily Camera

Very interesting right?  and if you order before June 15th, you can get it for only $499 and you will only get it in  February 2016, when they start shipping them out.  So what does the Lily Camera do you asked ?  To put it simply, it’s a flying camera.  But how does it work without a remote control you asked?  I was curious too – so I went on to read it a bit more.

So I found out that it follows the wearer’s bracelet – so if you are wearing the bracelet for the drone – Lily in this case, it will follow you wherever you go.  Pretty simple eh ?  especially great for those who wants to shoot outdoor activities or even a promotional video for a canoeing trip or rafting trip since it is waterproof , so I read.


As you can see here, the tracker or a GPS in the bracelet is worn by whoever is controlling Lily and it just follows you wherever you go and video tape you immediately.  Your kids can use it, you can use it and professionals can use it as well.  But don’t wait to long to pre-order yours if you are into this video taping thing or an outdoor person , because after the pre-order time is up , it will be going for $999.

Someone asked me if they can buy a Lily and spy on their neighbor or boyfriends?  hahah!  that’s funny !  but truthfully, you have to be there to be filmed because you need to be wearing that GPS bracelet remember?  so yes, it’s very legal according to the inventor of Lily.

Simpsons Series 2 On Lego


So my friends from home just told me that the mini figures for Simpsons Series 2 is out for sale.  I’m definitely getting myself some.  You can purchase them on lego site or any mall , they come in those packs like for $3.99 and you can get random figures and collect them.  I’m very excited to start collecting them all.



XiaoYi Sports Camera


So what is the difference between this Xiaomi Xiaoyi Sports Camera and a Go – Pro ?  first the pricing of course.  Costing as little as $87 USD from various sites, you can even get free shipping depending on where you are .  Weighing only 72 grams, wifi capable, takes about 7 photos/sec and water proof with a special case.  And most importantly , easy to mount , so you can bring it on your hiking trips or mount it on your pets for fun.  It can also take wide angle pictures and videos and you can then download it directly from the cam because it has got free wi-fi connectivity.   A longer battery life for the Xiao Yi Sports camera because it doesn’t need a lot of power.

If I were traveling to a scenic place or someone who is into biking, hiking or even walking trails, I would definitely get the XiaoYi sports camera.  It’s not too expensive for a presenet for your kids either.

Illegal Down-loaders Beware


I just read that folks in Singapore who’ve downloaded the movie Dallas Buyers Club are in trouble of copyright infringement and that the people who owns the movie are going after illegal downloaders.  A bit surprised that they are doing it to the people in Singapore about 500 of them , forcing internet companies in Singapore to give out the subscribers information.

Why surprised ?  because the downloading problem seems to be even higher here in the West than the East , so why start with Singapore?  You and I know that it’s illegal to download anything illegally but it had been going on for decades now and even with shutting down sites like Pirate Bay hasn’t stopped people from downloading illegally.

So what is going to happen from here on if you are one that received the “letter”  from  Dallas Buyers Club LLC?  Don’t panic yet, because to sue you they would have to prove that you’ve infringed their property rights and it isn’t going to be easy.  I think movie owners of Dallas Buyers Club is trying to bully these 500 people to pay up, so go seek legal advice from a lawyer, preferably an infringement rights lawyer.

Keecker Robot

Did you know that the Keecker Robot was a kickstarter project?  Yes, apparently, 294 backers pledged $260,574 to help bring this project to life.  Now ain’t that awesome !

At $4000 a pop to bring it home to your living room, it might be a little bit too expensive for the moderate home for us.  But lets see what a Keecker does , at least we know that it’s more than a Roomba that cleans and vacuum your house.  Keecker is said to sync with your devices and acts as a projector, sound system, webcam, and home monitoring system.  Now that is pretty interesting but is it really worth $4000?   What do you think?  would you pay that kind of money ?

 Lebeau likes to refer to the Keecker as “a collective computer” that’s meant for the use of an entire family, not just one individual. He also hopes that, by harnessing the functions of multiple devices, it will free people from the confines of their couch or laptop screen

Christmas Gift For Couples


Shopping for a Christmas gift for the couple that has got everything?  and can’t find a thing to get for them.  Well, look no more, we had the same trouble too and if you have the same problem as we did , get some  salsa lessons santa monica  for them like we did.  What is more romantic than a couple going for dance classes together, it’s not only healthy but also very useful for couples who don’t spend a lot of time together doing things together.  If we had dance classes like this in our area, I would be getting dance classes for my in – laws as well as aunts and uncles and even co-workers.  I would definitely appreciate it if I were to get some free dance lessons.