Lei Jun Needs To Learn Better English

Seriously, I feel bad for the chinaman !  but mannnn!!  Xiaomi CEO really needs some tutoring in his English before making his next speech please !  Quite embarrassing if you’ve heard his original speech.  Loved the Xiaomi products and eager to try it out but the launch wasn’t that impressive if you asked me.

Play Store Apps To Be Reviewed First


A customer was in the other day and asked if the spouse can fix her virus on her cell phone .  I was taken aback because I didn’t know that cell phones can get viruses in which the spouse replied that if it was an android , then yes.  Something new I learned everyday as you can see, so I was glad to read that Google is going to review all the apps that are to be uploaded for its users , to further protect them against malware and viruses.

Android apps will now be governed by the people who classed video games like GTA V, therefore, you can check if the app is appropriate for your kids to download.  Gone are the days where developers can submit whatever they fancy.  I liked it better this way.

PS3 Clean Up


Bizarre is not an entirely right word to describe this that was brought into our store for a clean up.  I don’t know how people get their system so dirty but they do and a lot of them is because they smoke or they have very dusty houses.


How do you think a machine would work with so much dust right?  And the spouse only charges minimal to clean this.  If it was I , I would charge a shit load to do their dirty work.

iCloud Hacking


So nude pictures of celebrities have been surfacing around the internet and rumors has it that they were the targeted group for hackers on their iCloud.   But if you are not a celebrity, I guess you have no worries that yours is going to be hacked.

At first Apple had issue a statement denying a breach of the iCloud but later during the day, Tim Cook – Apple’s current CEO had come up and addressed the issue and said that they were taking extra measurements to secure the security system.  So I guess the initial statement was false and they already knew that their security department had been compromised?

I’m just glad that I’m no celebrity but then I have no nude pictures to be leaked, so i just say that some celebrities are just dumb.

Feet Hammock


Hehehe! way too funny right?  a hammock for your feet – bet my boss would like it when he sees this under my desk.  I guess it is ok if you use it at home but really?  how comfy can it get?  why not just go to the sofa or bed if you needed to rest your feet.  And for $30 , well – it’s definitely not for me, I’m too el cheapo.  But for those who feels they have too much money for something so bizarre – all power to you.

canada to allow smartphone on air


Yes, you heard right! I was quite shocked too because didn’t someone say that using electronic devices like a cellphone can interrupt signals of a plane?  Perhaps, I am wrong but yes, you can use tablets, video games and your phone just as long as they are not in a transmission mode.

So before this ruling, I hear you can use your phones and tablets before take off and during landing but not during, so why the change of mind by Transport Canada?  I guess, it is to stay competitive with other airlines who are already doing this.

Boyfriend Pillow


Hehe! need i say more?   so where does one get a boyfriend pillow I hear you asking?  there is a Korean website that sells them for like $20 something dollars but I bet you can find one in a USA website as well.  So lonely girls and women don’t have to force themselves and find themselves jerk boyfriends just because, they need someone to hug or go to bed with.

PS :  Amazon sells them for like $36 !  so check that out.  I rather have a boyfriend pillow than one that smacks me around or treats me like dirt.  No thank you !

Flappy Bird

So I asked the spouse, what’s with this Flappy birds that are on the phones that people keep talking about and selling for higher price just because of the game?

So the spouse replied that it is just a game on phones and people thinks that since the app was taken down by the creator who is a Vietnamese and can’t seems to get around his so-called fame, it is valuable ?  well, something along those lines I guess.

Well, firstly, we are not paying more for a phone because of the no -longer exist app and secondly, folks – creator said he will put it back up for everyone in a later date.  I supposed he needs to get his head around his so-called fame first.

Doom & Quake Co-Creator Quits

Those who have been playing the games Doom and Quake probably know who John Carmack is.  Well, apparently he is no longer with ID Software.  He will now concentrate at being the CTO of Oculus VR.   He had been juggling 2 roles since August and even though had offered to stay as a consultant, it didn’t work out.  Sad.

Bill Gates Emotional About The Search For Next CEO

First it was Steve Balmer in August when he retired and now Bill Gates is actively looking for a new CEO for Microsoft.  We know that this was coming because sometime in October, rumors has it that some board of directors wanted Bill Gates to step down.  So with the video below, I guess it will be coming soon.  But Bill Gates being so rich and successful I guess he doesn’t really  need the job right?  after all, he will still be getting his dividends.  But it is sad to be asked to leave when this company is your baby.