LaunchPad Mini


Making music has never been easier with the   launchpad mini  on your PC or even your iPad and Mac .   Now normally folks say that if you can use it on your PC, you can’t use it on your iPad or Mac, but after reading up on the information on what it can do, I might just buy it for my kids.  And because it is so small, you can travel with it and use it anywhere and anytime.  And since it is fairly affordable, I might get 2 , one for each kid.

Ninetendo Goes To Theme Park


Yes, you heard right !  you may in the near future start playing with life size version of Mario Kart or more of those Nintendo games that you are so fond of but can only play in the Wii consoles and DS games.  Can you imagine having a Nintendo Land at Universal Studios !  woohoo!  I know my kid would love it.

So when will this happen , i hear you asking ?  soon i guess but they are still making plans and talking yet, so we will have to wait for further news.

Convention Events


The spouse and I attended a recent convention event  in the city as a sponsor.  Since we were given a table during the convention to sell our goods, we found some  fitted tablecloths from here  to make our display table look nice and presentable.   And I wished that everyone had some kind of fitted tablecloths for their table because some just put all their goods on the plain table making some tables looked so plain and in fact quite ugly.

Everyone had asked where we had gotten our tablecloths and wished they had some too but we only bought one for ourselves , now had we known that others would like some I would have ordered more online.  Unfortunately, most convention event organizers do not provide anything except tables and chairs for the convention and the rest is up to you to dress up your display.

Computer Repairs Accessories

 The spouse loves to do stuff to his home computers every now and then and nuy all his repair accessories from  especially when he needs lots of cable ties and other computer things.  He also got a heat gun from this place because he needed to solder some parts together at times but we always warn the kid not to go near the heat gun when he is using them.

Plus if you own a computer repair store, you buy cables and network stuff by the bulk, so it’s good to know that we can get everything from them and save on our shipping.  I’m also learning how to use some of the repair accessories and find that putting capacitors together can be quite fun.

Apple Goofed


Yup ! i read about it too – did you?  you can’t update your OS X software last weekend because Apple people goofed !   they didn’t renew their SSL certificate.  Big boo boo!

Techy Chick Needs Insurance

 Yes, this techy chick needs to take care of her insurance needs!  especially for my health purpose and life insurance.  I know the spouse has the house and the business insurance all take care of but I don’t have a life insurance in the west like I did when I was home in Asia.  But since migrating to the West, I haven’t looked into anything because I was so busy looking after our business and the kid.  But now that everything is settled, I have to give  don allred insurance  a call to see what they can do for me.  Needless, to say, you shouldn’t be like I and wait this long to get your insurance in order.

iPhone 6


Surprise ! surprise!  well  not really!  how could you be surprised that Apple will have another model of the iPhones out soon.  But yes, you read right, the rumors has it that the iPhone 6 will be released this year even though we all expected it much earlier like in 2013.  It is also rumored that the screen would be bigger – now that is a plus because I switched to a Samsung just because of that.

I’m also hoping the the iPhone 6 will be lighter than all the other models.  I’m also hoping that Apple will make different color iPhone as compared to the usual black and white and a gold in Asia.  As for the iPhone prices, well, one can expect at least $100 USD more than the previous model.  So folks, or those gadget geeks out there, start saving now.

Youtube and Vlogging


Yes, I have been addicted to Vlogging and the Youtube of late , why?  because a dear friend of mine is on youtube and vlogging as well and doing mighty well at it.  I’m so thrilled and never thought that a youtuber and vloggers can have such a big impact on people around the world.

Can you imagine having a million subscribers to your vlog on youtube?  yup!  they are famous alright ! and I’m so happy for her and her entire family who have been doing this for years with her.  Success online can be so sweet because you can meet some really wonderful people online.  While some people don’t even want their photos on facebook, here we have an entire family vlogging and sharing their daily lives with everyone.   And not just sharing but so informative as well.  I loved the beauty channels and the life vlogs so much, I’m thinking how brave these vloggers are.

Money Transfer With No Hidden Cost

Money transfer thru’ the banks are so expensive, you would be shocked !  because I’m married and lived in Canada, I had to do money transfer back home for my parents initially and mannn!! it cost me and my spouse like $50 each time we transfer any money back home to Asia.  Yes, it was ridiculous! it made no sense whatsoever!

 Now, you can transfer money thru’ paypal, Skype and even thru’ your gmail account to your bank – it’s just crazy! and the fee is like so minimum, you wouldn’t believed it.  Transferwise an internet transfer service makes it possible for anyone to send money from one country to another without having to pay bank fees that would make the sender a really painful experience each time they need to transfer money for business or personal uses.

End Of Window XP


I’ve read that it is on April 8 2014 before Windows has no support nor updates but I didn’t know that you cannot find drivers for windows xp anymore.  A customer was in to get his old Windows XP installed only to find out that we can’t find any drivers to support it at all.  So after much reading and going into a forum about Windows XP, we found out that we can’t even get Windows XP ;running for him at all.  So in the end we had to put on Vista for him.

So if anyone is asking you to reinstall Window XP onto his laptop or computer, you can stop wasting your time and tell him it’s not possible.  Plus if you have a Window XP in running and working order right now, once the support and updates are eliminated for good in April 2014, your computer/laptop is going to be very vulnerable to viruses and security breaches.

So think about it before continue using your Window XP, if you haven’t upgraded yet, it’s time to do it now.