Solar Powered Phone Charger


Now this girl can definitely use one of this gadget , although not new, it would be an great way to charge up your cellphones and other gadgets don’t you think?  you can find these chargers at Amazon apparently and they are like $30 only !   So if you have a iPhone 5 , go get it, it charges a good 10 – 15 hrs – pretty awesome!

Samsung Galaxy S Series


 The g/f just upgraded her phone with Virgin mobile with no money down but I bet she had to sign a contract with them again.  The phone was bigger and lighter than mine a Samsung Galaxy II , so I’m really happy for her now.  I didn’t get to explore her phone but I think they have similar features like mine.

iPhone 6


Rumors has it that Singapore will get its iPhone 6 on Sept 19 ??  and Apple had invitations sent out according to reports on the net.  And we’ve long anticipated and waited long enough for the iPhone 6 too.  So yes, I’m guessing this time it’s for real?  instead of just the iPhone 5c/S  that were released like last year.

Fortunately, for me, I’m not an iPhone fan because it’s too heavy for my liking.  But the spouse is , so we will see what they have in store for us and if he needs an upgrade.

Smart Phone Holder


If you are like everyone else who uses their iPhone for youtube videos and movies, well , wouldn’t it be awesome to have this holder with you when you are eating and you need to watch a movie on your phone?  For only $9, you can find this on this Korean website – called connect design.


Comes in various colors as you can see here, so it’s unisex.

canada to allow smartphone on air


Yes, you heard right! I was quite shocked too because didn’t someone say that using electronic devices like a cellphone can interrupt signals of a plane?  Perhaps, I am wrong but yes, you can use tablets, video games and your phone just as long as they are not in a transmission mode.

So before this ruling, I hear you can use your phones and tablets before take off and during landing but not during, so why the change of mind by Transport Canada?  I guess, it is to stay competitive with other airlines who are already doing this.

iPhone 6


Surprise ! surprise!  well  not really!  how could you be surprised that Apple will have another model of the iPhones out soon.  But yes, you read right, the rumors has it that the iPhone 6 will be released this year even though we all expected it much earlier like in 2013.  It is also rumored that the screen would be bigger – now that is a plus because I switched to a Samsung just because of that.

I’m also hoping the the iPhone 6 will be lighter than all the other models.  I’m also hoping that Apple will make different color iPhone as compared to the usual black and white and a gold in Asia.  As for the iPhone prices, well, one can expect at least $100 USD more than the previous model.  So folks, or those gadget geeks out there, start saving now.

Apple’s White Screen Of Death

This is the first time that I’ve heard about the white screen of death, so it is good to know because we do have iphones and ipads amongst us.   Apparently, Apple has known about this issue for a long time now and they are supposedly getting a fix for it.  iPhones running on the IOS 7 is said to be affected by a software bug and when you drop your iphone, it tends to reboot and battery will drop to 30 percent.  The update will be come alongside IOS 7.1 and will bring changes in the interface as well as design.

Flower Buttons For CellPhones

Decorative cellphone buttons like the above are great but only if you never change your phone or upgrade them I am guessing.  I saw these – well not the same kind as the ones on sale at but in a gift store for $1.99.  They are definitely cute and it will personalized your phone for you.  But like I said, only if you are keeping your phone forever because if you are going to upgrade or re-sell your phone in future, the selling price will be affected if you have it personalized this way. Trust me, the spouse owns a electronic store and the less personalization the better.  But if you really must have them, power to you.

apple new iphone to be launched

Another new iphone?  yes !  unfortunately ! now everyone is going to rush out and change to the newest iphone I guess or upgrade from their phone provider.   Rumors has it that the new iPhone is going to be cheaper and available in September but no one knows what is the specs for this new iphone !  I await the unveiling on Sept 10 2013.


LG’s SmartPhone War With Other Big Names

 So LG is launching a new phone to show its rivals that they are not the only people who can come up with awesome gadgets and phones.  The G2 is LG’s new smartphone to counter smartphones made by Samsung and Apple and this new model is pretty cool – from what I”ve read.  The G2 will be in Korea’s market in a few weeks and subsequently around the world.  I hope to get my hands on this phone to see if it is any different from my Samsung.  I changed my iPhone to a Samsung because of its bigger screen.