Free Windows 10 Upgrade Here


Rumors has it that the new Windows 10 will be free for everyone to upgrade even for those who’ve pirated copies of them currently.  Now what’s the catch you ask right?  I asked the same question.   But wait, it’s only available free for the first year and then you have to pay for licensing every year after ?  confused ?  I know!  Anyhow, I look forward to my free copy in the summer because I hear it’s gonna be much more easier to  operate than Windows 8.  Thank God!

Cleaning The Inside Of Your Computer

Folks!  you have to learn to keep your computer clean !!!  this one came in today at the store and mannnn!!! no wonder it isn’t working!  So how do one clean your computer or keep them somewhat clean, so that it doesn’t look this way?  It’s pretty easy actually and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn how to do it.

Take off the side panel of your computer, and with a vacuum cleaner, suck up all the dirt you can find inside your computer.  See all those little cylinders over on the side, try not to knock it with the vacuum cleaner and that’s all to it.   So yes, folks, don’t be afraid to take the panel off and vacuum the inside of your computer, so that your computer doesn’t heat up or clog up the fan and not work anymore.

End Of Window XP


I’ve read that it is on April 8 2014 before Windows has no support nor updates but I didn’t know that you cannot find drivers for windows xp anymore.  A customer was in to get his old Windows XP installed only to find out that we can’t find any drivers to support it at all.  So after much reading and going into a forum about Windows XP, we found out that we can’t even get Windows XP ;running for him at all.  So in the end we had to put on Vista for him.

So if anyone is asking you to reinstall Window XP onto his laptop or computer, you can stop wasting your time and tell him it’s not possible.  Plus if you have a Window XP in running and working order right now, once the support and updates are eliminated for good in April 2014, your computer/laptop is going to be very vulnerable to viruses and security breaches.

So think about it before continue using your Window XP, if you haven’t upgraded yet, it’s time to do it now.

Cracking The Password

We have many computers come in for cracking the password – because either the owners forgot their passwords or they had someone else used their computers and they had put in a password accidentally or on purpose – we don’t know but it is a common sight in our store.  Many people think that it’s a tough thing to do – but truth be told – it probably takes us 15 mins to do it.  But we still charge like $25 for cracking the password – why?  because there is a secret to cracking the password.  If you don’t know how to do it – you will never know and it would take forever to do it – but because it is our trade – therefore, we know how to do it.  Of course I ain’t tell you how to do it but if you absolutely must know – well, write to me and I’ll tell you with a fee – hahah!

Easily Crack Passwords


You wouldn’t believed the kind of passwords some people used – we’ve seen so many customers come in with their computer with the easiest passwords to crack and you know what?  it just gives those professional spammers to get into your computer really quickly and easily.  Some people uses password like 123456 or their birthday or their last name or their initials with their spouse’s initials. Some uses – F***tard or idiot – or I hate so and so.   Some uses abc123 – yes! i kid you not! or their favorite game – like hockey, football – and some used their grandchildrens’ name. Yes, all these are easily crack passwords – and I can understand why some people would use passwords like that – because it’s easy to remember.  But if it is easy for you – it’s easy for those spammers too.

Slow Computers

Customers ask us all the time about their slow computers and what is wrong with them and if there is anything we can do for them to make the computer/laptop go faster.  There are a lot of reasons for a slow computer or a laptop but most likely it is because you’ve got a lot of spyware and malware.  The problem with most people who are not tech savvy, you probably don’t know that everytime you download stuff or go to a website, you may sometimes bring and store spyware in your computer/laptop.    Registry cleaner are what we use for stubborn computers/laptops that an ordinary clean up won’t ease the problem.  Customers loved us because we can clean up their computers/laptops so fast and return it to them within 24hrs – some even think that we have to work on their computers for a long time but truth be told we know a trick or two.   So if you have a slow computer  – no worries we can help by using a good registry cleaner.

Upgrade To Windows 8 For Small Price

I’ve heard from friends back home that you can upgrade to Windows 8 for just $14.99 and yes it’s true but make sure you have a genuine copy of Window 7 – else you will be screwed or you PC/laptop will be.  So will you be brave enough to try it while it is still on beta?

The WWW Turning Couples Into Strangers

When I saw this cartoon – I said to myself – OMG!  this is the spouse and I.  Well, truth be told not so much I – but the spouse.  Can you imagine watching tv with him and he turns to his netbook and does his own things or he would fall asleep?  Yes!  very frustrating – sometimes I wished I could smack him on his face and shock him up.  So has technology turned couples into strangers?  I did mentioned many a times to the spouse that I communicate better with him on MSN messenger than personally because he always sounds so darn grouchy – I rather not talk to him at times.

I can’t say it’s a bad thing the internet because I met my spouse online – else we won’t have met – but the almost hanging on to the internet for 20 hrs a day – just is not good practice for anyone – even the ones who doesn’t have a family, spouse and a kid.  But I don’t want to be his mother and tell him what he can do and what he cannot do – so what do I do ?  yes! i’ve tried arguing with him – I’ve tried mocking  him – I’ve tried ignoring him – now what else can I try?  I mean it works and he stops for a while and then 2 days later – he goes back to doing what he does best – either on the internet or the tv playing games.

It’s not the WWW – it’s not the games or the console – the problem lies on the person – the spouse is addicted to these things.  Sure a big part of it has to do with work – but really – sleeping only a few hours a day and eating junk all day ?  mannnn!! this guy is going to have not only a health issue – he will have some social issues when he is old.  I just hope he has a lot of insurance and a good health plan.

Google Author Authority

I never pretend that I am a SEO expert because I rarely looked into things like that – I blog because I love all techie stuff and being an owner by association to the spouse’s business – being a computer store – with games and consoles and anything gadget – I have to know some techie stuff right?  But yes SEO stuff is just as important if you are a blogger and wants people to come visit you and of course you want to be noticed by advertisers too right?  be it a private one or a long term advertiser – you not only have to write a good post – you also have to make sure that your blog is highly visible on the search engine.

So you asked me what are search engines?  they are like google – yahoo or anywhere on the web where you to go – to look for something – that’s a search engine.  And when people are looking for something or anything – they always say – lets google it – or they tell you – go google it – like my ex-doctor’s secretary told me – when I had asked what do I have to take for my low blood. Yes! go google it is a famous and favorite phrase of a lot of people – so when a favorite food blogger wrote that she had spent the entire day adding google author authority to her site – I had to find out what it is.  So what is Google Author Authority?

In short and simple words for the ordinary blogger – Google Author Authority is a formula used by Lord Google know that you are a real person and not writing spam and what you write is genuine – thus Lord Google will then reward you with a higher PR.  As you all know that a good PR can bring in more money – and private advertisers but there are other factors that advertisers consider before picking your blog.  Contents is important but so is the age of your blog – the longer you have been writing on the same blog – that is where your blog credibility comes.  Not one year or two but more than 7 yrs – I lately noticed because a blog of mine which just turned 8 yrs old had been having a lot of private advertisers looking to place ads in it.

Now Google Author Authority is not only for bloggers it is also for small business with webpages as well  – that is why when I do a website for a customer – they always asked – do you do all the SEO thingie as well?  because they want to be first in the search engine when someone is looking for something they carry – so for those who have added Google Author Authority to its website – than you stand to gain because it will help your site appear in more relevant search engine – without you having to do more work.

So how do you add the Google Author Authority into your site?  Stay tuned for another post on it.

BuckyBalls Pink

Pink is definitely pretty – but you must be wondering what do they do right?  I wondered too – I walked around Staples the other day and saw these on sale.  So I looked at it – and it didn’t really tell me a lot.  These buckyballs has 216 neo-magnet balls and are made with nickel finish.  Well, I found a video on youtube on it – and it looked pretty fun – basically – you just turned them into things and shapes you want. Apparently, these are made to relieve stress but not for kids to play with – guess they are afraid that kids may swallow them – and I won’t rule that out – because I pushed an eraser into my nose when I was a kid.  What was I thinking right?  Pretty amusing – and it would cost you like $30 for them – after shipping.