Free Windows 10 Upgrade Here


Rumors has it that the new Windows 10 will be free for everyone to upgrade even for those who’ve pirated copies of them currently.  Now what’s the catch you ask right?  I asked the same question.   But wait, it’s only available free for the first year and then you have to pay for licensing every year after ?  confused ?  I know!  Anyhow, I look forward to my free copy in the summer because I hear it’s gonna be much more easier to  operate than Windows 8.  Thank God!

End Of Window XP


I’ve read that it is on April 8 2014 before Windows has no support nor updates but I didn’t know that you cannot find drivers for windows xp anymore.  A customer was in to get his old Windows XP installed only to find out that we can’t find any drivers to support it at all.  So after much reading and going into a forum about Windows XP, we found out that we can’t even get Windows XP ;running for him at all.  So in the end we had to put on Vista for him.

So if anyone is asking you to reinstall Window XP onto his laptop or computer, you can stop wasting your time and tell him it’s not possible.  Plus if you have a Window XP in running and working order right now, once the support and updates are eliminated for good in April 2014, your computer/laptop is going to be very vulnerable to viruses and security breaches.

So think about it before continue using your Window XP, if you haven’t upgraded yet, it’s time to do it now.

Upgrade To Windows 8 For Small Price

I’ve heard from friends back home that you can upgrade to Windows 8 for just $14.99 and yes it’s true but make sure you have a genuine copy of Window 7 – else you will be screwed or you PC/laptop will be.  So will you be brave enough to try it while it is still on beta?

BuckyBalls Pink

Pink is definitely pretty – but you must be wondering what do they do right?  I wondered too – I walked around Staples the other day and saw these on sale.  So I looked at it – and it didn’t really tell me a lot.  These buckyballs has 216 neo-magnet balls and are made with nickel finish.  Well, I found a video on youtube on it – and it looked pretty fun – basically – you just turned them into things and shapes you want. Apparently, these are made to relieve stress but not for kids to play with – guess they are afraid that kids may swallow them – and I won’t rule that out – because I pushed an eraser into my nose when I was a kid.  What was I thinking right?  Pretty amusing – and it would cost you like $30 for them – after shipping.

Windows 7

So is Windows 7 really that good..?? i have been hearing ppl going on and on about it for the past 1 month – in fact the local yard sale here have them on sale on facebook yard sale at half the price of the original but claimed to be a genuine product key.   I guess some ppl don’t need  sleep pills to sell illegal copies of this Operating System.

So yes.. how good is Windows 7 ?  Is Windows 7 really a Windows Vista release 2 as many had said..and that you can find many features that you find on Vista on Windows 7?  If so, why are ppl saying so many bad stuff about Vista and good stuff about Windows 7?   I still have the Vista from 1.5 yrs ago, when i bought my laptop from Walmart and it can be a pain sometimes.. but i’m pretty happy with it except for a few things.  We are thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 as a family – which will cost us about $350 with 2 license or something to that effect..??  I don’t know the details .. but i’ve heard the spouse talk about it.  So there..  i will update you .. when i get my Windows 7 with prices.

Windows 7 Beta

Free for a year.. and then pay for it a year later.. now that sounds awesome right..??  heard so much about it lately. . but really don’t wanna try it out yet.. for fear of all the drivers i have to look for and all.The Windows 7 is suppposedly to be Microsoft not only newest baby but a huge user interface overhaul since Windows 95. They say that it recognizes cameras, printers and other add ons immediately and great for those who loves their gadgets like yours truly .. but hate to have to look for drivers.   Windows 7 also knows all about music and movies addition .. and apparently they can master them all.   Looks like it is gonna be easier than i thought.. so i won’t be needing the best fat burners from spending hours in front of the computer.. searching for drivers, since it seems to do so  much.  If anyone had tried it .. please let me know… i’m gonna wait for abit.. like i did with Vista.

Software Piracy

I read over the news that some Chinese gang selling software counterfeits were arrested and sentenced to 6.5 years of jail in China.. the harshest sentence passed down in history for China’s piracy laws.  These ppl were charged for selling at least $2 billion worth of Microsoft counterfeit softwares/programs.

For those who are not aware of this.. a local computer store got busted too.. for selling or installing pirated copies of Microsoft softwares in this small town too.  I heard (rumors) that Microsoft went after them for half a million dollars. They declared bankruptcy.. but i heard they are still doing it from home.  Oh well.. i guess they have to pay for a living, lighting and power eh.

Windows 7

Whats Windows 7 ..?? i’ve heard so much about it.