Zoomer Dog For Christmas


The kid got herself a Zoomer Zuppies a smaller version of the Zoomer Dog for half its price but we quickly learned that the Zoomer Zuppies didn’t do very much.  So of course, we returned it.  This Christmas, we are trying to figure out if we should get her the more expensive Zoomer Dog for $88 + tax , meaning that we have to pay about $100 here in Canada.

So I did a little more research to see if it was worth paying so much for a toy dog.  The Zoomer dog needs to be trained to do a few tricks but if you don’t want to have a real dog to walk them and clean after it and feed it everyday, this may be the next best thing for your kids under 10 yrs old.  My kid may be about 11 yrs old soon but she sure is a real kid deep inside.  So we may break down and get her this electronic dog that can do a few tricks.

Auto Touchless Trash Can


I guess every girl does need a hello kitty touchless garbage can for their own personal use right?  How can one resist something so cute, even though it’s a trash can.  I bet with this at home, everyone will be cleaning up after themselves more often, just to put their hands over the top and see it automatically/magically open itself and then closes itself after trash is deposited.

At $ 141, this must be one of the most expensive trash can I would buy and if you are ready for one, head over to Japan Trend Shop and have them mail it to you.

Flower Buttons For CellPhones

Decorative cellphone buttons like the above are great but only if you never change your phone or upgrade them I am guessing.  I saw these – well not the same kind as the ones on sale at Etsy.com but in a gift store for $1.99.  They are definitely cute and it will personalized your phone for you.  But like I said, only if you are keeping your phone forever because if you are going to upgrade or re-sell your phone in future, the selling price will be affected if you have it personalized this way. Trust me, the spouse owns a electronic store and the less personalization the better.  But if you really must have them, power to you.

Soaps For Retro Gamers

While many may think that it’s crazy to spend so much on soap, the retro gamers will think otherwise.  From Firebox and at £12.99  about $22 cdn, it better last a long time – hahah!  But they are life size replica of the game and has a citrusy smell to it, so it wouldn’t be too bad to get for your boyfriend or your spouse who is a gamer for stocking stuffer this Christmas.

Nail Polish Phone Cases

Alas! they are only good for iphone 4s, 4g and iphone 5 – *sigh* and mine is a iphone 3gs – so if you have one of these iphones which I don’t have – sad!  get them from Etsy for only $15.55 – i would love one – so cool.

Christmas Gift For A Princess

The niece who was in the nutcrackers for Christmas, just finished her last show – this weekend.  This was her first recital and she was pretty proud of it although the wait for the show to begin was like 2hrs after she reports to the theatre in the afternoon.  So for a 6 yrs old, I’ll have to say that she did very well.  So this Christmas, we want to get her some  ballet recital gifts   that way she will be encouraged to do even better for her ballet classes.   Although my own daughter loves the gadget and the techie stuff, the niece on the other hand is like her mother, dainty and pretty – and I know she will loved all her ballet recital gifts, I even choose a magnet/button for her – that says the name of the play.

T-Shirt For Pregnant Geeks

This is just an iron on – but it’s really cute and geeky for Halloween don’t you think?  If pregnant moms cannot find a costume this Halloween – you can always wear this iron-on t-shirt.  Pretty unique and cool and after all, all geeks must have fun during Halloween right?  I think you can get a local shop to do it for you because the place that I had seen it – well – they are asking for $22 for an iron on – too ex in my opinion.  I’m sure you can find someone locally to do it for you – even a printing store or a store that does t-shirts.

Fancy Ear Buds

Cute and fancy earphones were found at a local book store in town.  I was suprised to see them but also pleased because no one in town sells them.  I would love to have one of them – if the kid would wear it – but because it has that sticking out piece and she wouldn’t wear it so – I didn’t forced her to buy it.

The ear buds/phones were cheap too – like only $9.99 – and comes in different cute shapes of fruits and ducks – so I’m sure it’s great for any kids.

I loved all of them.

Mickey Mouse Decor Light

No one can resist these cute mickey mouse Disney led lights for your notebook or anywhere you wish for it to be placed – well – it needs to have a USB connected of course.  Perfect gift for a kid – or for those who are a kid deep down inside like myself.   A wee bit pricey – but what the heck – it’s cute! at $25 – you can get this from USB.Brando.com

Bringing Back Some Childhood Fun

When we were kids – we didn’t have much to play with – because we were quite poor – but we always had a yo yo to bring to school and learned all sorts of tricks and had hours of fun with it.  I remember having made good friends with my yo-yo and my yo-yo kept me company and the more tricks I learned to do with my yo-yo – the more impressive I got with my little friends and it also taught me focus and how practice makes perfect.

This year, my daughter who is 8 years old had been asking for a better yo-yo to play with – and learn tricks on.  So I’m going to get one for her and bring some good old childhood memories – and create some good memories with my kid.