PETA Going After Pokemon

Really?  my gosh!  that’s terrible !!! you mean PETA got nothing else better to do ?  millions of kids play the pokemon game on their DS but PETA is saying that the Pokemon game promotes animal abuse !!!  I really think PETA has gone too far and strike real low this time – come on it’s only a game !  let the kids be kids – I’m sure they are not going to do that in real life!  holy moly! what about those gun games and those GTA games ?  should the cops going after them too ????  PETA had released their own parody game for the Pokemon Black and Blue – you can get them for free apparently.  I don’t know if I will be downloading it to see what it’s all about – so if you have – please let me know what you think about it.

Lego Batman On DS

So we got the kid a lego batman for her DS for $5 – and yes – you can get cheap games if you wait – why pay like $50 – $60 for a new game right?  she is happy as a lark for she had been playing this game with her dad on his xbox 360 for months now.  It’s a game that she plays with him every Sunday – it’s the only time that the dad would spend “quality” time with her and she craved for the time with her dad – so that I can get a break – so she said.  She is such a thoughtful kid.

Anyhow – the game was bought from a local yard sale online – and we didn’t push for it – the woman delivered it when she wanted to – and the daughter is very  happy with it.  Like any lego game – it’s mild and not violent – my kid is almost 8 yrs old and she loved it.  Great for a boy or girl but of course reading is required so if you have a younger kid – an adult or a older brother or sister needs to help him or her read instructions.

Kids & Gaming

So how much time does your kid spend on gaming?  whether it is on video games on the tv or the little DS they have for Christmas.  Are they spending too much time on gaming and games?  what is the appropriate time frame for kids to spend on video games?  Or are parents so busy with their own life and working like us that we indulge and let our kids go on their games so that we can finish ours?

When we were kids – we never did have any of these gadgets – we played with outdoor games like rounders or marbles or biking on our brother’s bike – but neither did our parents watch over us like we do our kids now to keep them safe.   I think a balance is good – and I think some games are also good – and between the spouse and us – we try to play with our kid – as much as we can.  Therefore, I am indeed lucky that I have the spouse to help in this way.  But we do try not to keep letting our kid play with games so much – just because we want to work – because they are not young forever.  We limit her to an hour or so gaming and movies – and during school days – i think she hardly play with games – and we still try to bring her to the park every other day.  But gaming is not a bad thing – it’s gaming too many hours – that we shouldn’t allow.  What do you think?

Nintendo DSi Connects To Face Book

Starting today, Nintendo DSi owners have even more ways to share their experiences with friends and family. Using an Internet-connected Nintendo DSi system and the Nintendo DSi Camera application, Facebook members can take pictures with either of the system’s two cameras and upload their photos directly to their Facebook profile. This function will be available after 5 p.m. Pacific with a free downloadable system update.

While reviewing pictures they’ve stored in the Nintendo DSi Camera album, which includes photos taken by users and manipulated using the built-in interactive lenses, users can simply tap the Facebook icon on the system’s touch screen to instantly transmit photos to the user’s Facebook profile. The user’s system must be configured to a wireless broadband Internet connection for the transmission of photos.

“Facebook and Nintendo DSi build on the trend of personalization that is so important to consumers,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “We’re giving people the tools to express themselves in creative new ways and show off the results to their friends and family on Facebook.”

Nintendo DSi has sold more than 1.7 million units in the United States alone, according to the NPD Group. The third iteration of the world’s best-selling portable video game system includes photo- and voice-manipulation features that allow users to customize their experiences like never before.

TrackMania DS

When you have a kid like i do and the spouse owns a computer/game store, you kinda need to know your stuff – well a wee bit.  But she was playing Trackmania for hours.. i bet if she was a teenager, she would need acne treatments for the lack of sleeping.

Ok.. about this game, it’s about racing.. and you race to get in first. here is no doubt that the Trackmania formula is a successful one–the game has already seen four versions come out on the PC, all of which have been quite enjoyable. They aren’t for everyone, as they definitely are not a sim-racer (like Gran Turismo) and they can be frustrating as you often have to run tracks over and over again to perfect them, but for some gamers they are just about as fun as racing games get. Because you are primarily racing against yourself you can keep racing tracks in order to shave off a few hundredths of a second or, in the case of the DS version, there is an added incentive: earning coppers. Using these coppers you can unlock new tracks, blocks (parts for building custom parts), and skins for your cars. You’ll also have to beat easier tracks in order to gain access to more difficult ones. The buying is limited to game elements though–you can’t buy new cars, improved suspensions, or anything like that.

GTA On Your DS Soon

Seriously .. i donch know how anyone can get excited over an old game in a different system.  Surely everyone played the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) by now..?? even I .. the non-avid player.. .played it before in both the xbox and PS2.   But i guessed for the younger kids.. with a DS.. it is something different to look forward to.. but wait..!!  what about the “M” rating on it..??  So yes.. still can’t see what the big fuss is all about.

20 hrs of playtime is said to be expected and 70 mission to finished with changing of weather, traffic, police and pedestrian.  The game will feature an open-world environment with changing weather and traffic, police and pedestrian.  I heard that it is going to be a big seller amongst the DS owners.  Maybe we should stock some in our store too.