BuckyBalls Pink

Pink is definitely pretty – but you must be wondering what do they do right?  I wondered too – I walked around Staples the other day and saw these on sale.  So I looked at it – and it didn’t really tell me a lot.  These buckyballs has 216 neo-magnet balls and are made with nickel finish.  Well, I found a video on youtube on it – and it looked pretty fun – basically – you just turned them into things and shapes you want. Apparently, these are made to relieve stress but not for kids to play with – guess they are afraid that kids may swallow them – and I won’t rule that out – because I pushed an eraser into my nose when I was a kid.  What was I thinking right?  Pretty amusing – and it would cost you like $30 for them – after shipping.

Disc Repair Machine

Yes! the disc repair machine arrived from the States today and poorer by $2000 after paying for HST here and custom to UPS – it’s all ready to go.  So the spouse played around with it – to see how it works and then showed me how easy it was – that even I can do it without waiting for him to come back and work on the customer’s disc.

This machine can repair even the most minor scratches and can do your DVDs and game disc and usually only takes 30 seconds to get your disc repaired with just a push of the button.

No messy sticky stuff to put onto the disc – because the solution is on the bad of the machine and does it own thing.  You don’t even need to wipe the disc down after you put it in the machine – unlike our old and bulky machine we bought from Movie Gallery when they closed it’s door.  This machine is called the Eco Pro and the spouse came back to say it was definitely worth buying the machine in the evening and no messing around like the old one.