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WOW For Free ?


Don’t you wished ! hahah! but nope not free World of Warcraft but free game time because during the expansion launch , the players had some trouble and so Blizzard had generously offer 5 days extension of free game play for those who’ve bought their expansion.  The die hard fans of World of Warcraft had been awaiting the  Warlords of Draenor expansion pack for the longest time.

Blizzards server got crashed because when the expansion went live, returning players and existing ones were said to have crashed it. Now this definitely showed how many people love this game and had been playing World of Warcraft for the longest time.  But rumors has it that the game and its server hasn’t been smoother ever since.  So what’s up with that Blizzard ?

e3 2014

Exciting news for gamers around the world.

Samsung Galaxy Tab For Kids

The Galaxy Tab 3 by Samsung dedicated for kids are going for $388 but with limited pre-installed Apps, I wonder if it is such a good choice for parents to purchase for their kids when you can get a mini iPad for less than $300.

But the Galaxy Tab 3 has a front and rear camera and a 1.2GHz dual core processor, maybe that is the reason why it is so expensive?  Of course, it has those safety devices to lock your kid out of sites you don’t want them to be on plus a time manager, whereby, you allow your kids a certain amount of time to be on it.  But if I had a choice, I really wouldn’t get it unless they are for my 2 years old.  But why would a 2 years old need a $400 gadget right?

Monthly Fees For Playing Online On Your PS4


It’s not surprising when I read this today but for those who are planning on getting a PS4 this Christmas, take note players for if you are thinking of playing multi-player games and online, you will have to pay Sony.  Sony is going to charge you like Xbox had been for a long time now.  What are the charges?  It’s about US$9.99.  But you can opt to pay an annual fee of  U$49.99, Sony has promised its players more social networking functions but what they are as of right now, we don’t know yet.

The Time Is Near For The Ultimate Console 2013

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, new consoles coming out very soon for Christmas  – so which one would you buy ?  a PS4 or a Xbox One?  which one is better ?  The PS4 is said to be going for $399.99 and the Xbox One will be priced at $499.99 – wow!  $100 difference ?  why so ? and how do they compare?

Of course, I can’t tell you how they compare because I haven’t tried them out myself – but from what I’ve read thus far, but if you buy the PS4 – you will have to fork out another $59 for the camera attachment but do one need the camera?  yes, if you want to play motion game.  Where else the Xbox One is doing away with the kinect or rather has bundled it up with the Xbox One package.

While the Xbox One will have some exclusive games because they’ve partnered with Sony, both consoles will have pretty much the same games.  Some said they prefer the PS4 because the previous PS3 had very little hardware problems as compared to the Xbox 360 but we’ve yet to see.  So which one will you be buying?  a PS4 or a Xbox One.  The spouse said he is getting the PS4 as it is cheaper.

Top 10 Console Games To Watch Out For

Sometime in June, there was a game expo in LA and these were some of the games that were introduced.  And below are some that I’ve picked out from a game report that I liked very much.  As you can see some will be exclusively for the Xbox One and others will be for the PS4, so before you head out and buy the next new console – check out the games first.    Next, I’ll be checking out games for younger kids to look out for in the next few months followed by the release for next year.

The Power Of Xbox One Gamers

Yes, the power of gamers and its consumers forces Microsoft to reconsider what they planned to do with their new console the xbox one.  A huge relief to a lot of people including people like us who owns a used game store.  We weren’t too pleased with the initial launch of the Xbox One.

Initially, one cannot re-sell the games for xbox one because it was going to cost the next user for it and some registration and many more restriction to it.  I guess with the PS4 being so user friendly, had Microsoft not changed it strategy, Microsoft will be losing a lot of money. One can expect both the Xbox One and PS4 to come out at the end of the year – and I’m sure there is going to be a huge rush for them.  Good luck to all who MUST have the new consoles as soon as they are out.

Healthy Geeky Chick

I truly pride myself for taking good care of myself even though I do sit in front of the computer too much.  I love my yoga sessions 3 times a week and I go religiously too.  I have this thick yoga mat  that I bring along with me – instead of using one at the yoga studio.  Folks think that geeky chicks don’t exercise a lot – but this geeky chick love looking good – so yoga and eating well is very important to me.  So if you have this idea that girls/women who loved to sit in front of their computer all day are fat and sloppy – then you cannot be more wrong.  I loved to look good and staying healthy is extremely important to me.

PETA Going After Pokemon

Really?  my gosh!  that’s terrible !!! you mean PETA got nothing else better to do ?  millions of kids play the pokemon game on their DS but PETA is saying that the Pokemon game promotes animal abuse !!!  I really think PETA has gone too far and strike real low this time – come on it’s only a game !  let the kids be kids – I’m sure they are not going to do that in real life!  holy moly! what about those gun games and those GTA games ?  should the cops going after them too ????  PETA had released their own parody game for the Pokemon Black and Blue – you can get them for free apparently.  I don’t know if I will be downloading it to see what it’s all about – so if you have – please let me know what you think about it.