Grooming The Geek


The spouse is quite the geek , in terms of looks and dressing.  He doesn’t really bother about how he looks as long as he is clean.  So with a birthday coming up really soon , what do one get for him?  I get him this aftershave that I know he uses all the time , but this year, I decided to look  for pinaud after shave  because I’ve heard good things about it.   Grooming the geek isn’t easy, but someone has to do it.

Convention Events


The spouse and I attended a recent convention event  in the city as a sponsor.  Since we were given a table during the convention to sell our goods, we found some  fitted tablecloths from here  to make our display table look nice and presentable.   And I wished that everyone had some kind of fitted tablecloths for their table because some just put all their goods on the plain table making some tables looked so plain and in fact quite ugly.

Everyone had asked where we had gotten our tablecloths and wished they had some too but we only bought one for ourselves , now had we known that others would like some I would have ordered more online.  Unfortunately, most convention event organizers do not provide anything except tables and chairs for the convention and the rest is up to you to dress up your display.

Health Insurance For Geeks


A customer was just talking about health insurance provided by her company from  greensboro nc  and had also included that folks like us who works behind a desk do not need any kind of insurance.   She figured we don’t have health hazard nor will we get hurt in our type of job, so why waste money with insurance.  Of course, everyone needs health insurance , even geeks like us do get ill and we might get diabetes or may break our arms or legs due to an unforeseen accident.

 No one knows when one is going to get ill like myself.  I was like in my late 30s when I found out that I was diabetic and had I known that I will have diabetes I would have gotten my health insurance much earlier.  After learning that I’m diabetic, it was harder for me to get any insurance company to insure me.

Especially for those like us who sits behind the desk on a daily basis and eating at wrong time of the day with no schedule because of our workload, moreso, we have to get insured.  So if you are a geek or know anyone who works constantly sitting behind a desk, make sure you get him or her to get some kind of health insurance.

Apple’s White Screen Of Death

This is the first time that I’ve heard about the white screen of death, so it is good to know because we do have iphones and ipads amongst us.   Apparently, Apple has known about this issue for a long time now and they are supposedly getting a fix for it.  iPhones running on the IOS 7 is said to be affected by a software bug and when you drop your iphone, it tends to reboot and battery will drop to 30 percent.  The update will be come alongside IOS 7.1 and will bring changes in the interface as well as design.

Swimming For Geeks

I don’t know why people would think that geeks only sits in front of the computer all day and eat pizzas and play games.  This is  highly  untrue because I know of many geeky friends who exercises everyday and I know of a group of geek swimmers.  And if you are wondering how one can go swimming if they are of a larger size, well there are  plus size swim dresses  to be bought online silly!  and yes, I wear one of those too and I love swimming.  Once upon a time, I used to be shy about my regular swimming costume but now that I know where to find plus size swim dresses, I go regularly for swimming with my kid.  We loved swimming together and usually have a blast.  So yes, geeks loved swimming too and yes, there are plus size dresses for us.  There you have it.

Employment Opportunities

 So we are employing new tech members at our store for the summer, so that we can take a break during the summer and with every new employees, we do  personal background check  on them as part of the requirement.  Of course, we tell them about it before doing the background check and most people are alright with it and it does save us a lot of heartache in the future.

For us the employer, I think it makes us feel a lot better knowing who our future employees are – before we leave our store keys with them as you never know right?  some people may feel offended by these background checks and if they do, I figured they don’t really want to work with us for some reasons and we will respect that of course.  But these days, all employers wants a background check on employees, that’s the norm – if you asked me.

Golf For Geeks

We geeks loved to play golf when we need some exercises but most importantly we read up a lot first before we even started playing golf – that’s what geeks do.  I actually learned more about golf and things related to golf like  marty hanaka  on the internet and had we not know about what is going on with him, we wouldn’t have known about golfsmith.  You know – we ladies love gold and we have info on goldsmith, so the geeks they sure loved their information about their Golfsmith – pretty tacky right the name.  Anyhow, for those of you out there who has geeks for boyfriends and if you feel that they are not getting even sun and exercises, the best thing to try is golf because it’s not strenuous nor does it take a rocket scientist to learn about the game – it’s really a great sport for geeks like us.

Project Christmas

Yes, my project Christmas involved a lot of cleaning up and preparing menu for the big party at my home.  Geeks have friends too you know and lots of them and what do we do if we don’t have enough time to do all our stuff before Christmas?  we delegate !  like my smartest friend said – if money can solved the problem it’s no longer a problem because you can hire people to help you out and it’s not a bad idea too.  When one has to work but want to celebrate the festive season like everyone else.  We would hire  carpet cleaners holly springs nc  like my friend from NC would do every year but over here in this small town, we don’t have a professional company that does cleaning – but smaller ones – so one can only hope for the best.  Like my mom used to say – you pay for what you get – so if you want good help – you make sure you hire the best and I would if I could – so my friends are lucky – they get all sorts of help in NC.  But my party is going to go on regardless and I’m going to have a blast during Christmas.

T-Shirt For Pregnant Geeks

This is just an iron on – but it’s really cute and geeky for Halloween don’t you think?  If pregnant moms cannot find a costume this Halloween – you can always wear this iron-on t-shirt.  Pretty unique and cool and after all, all geeks must have fun during Halloween right?  I think you can get a local shop to do it for you because the place that I had seen it – well – they are asking for $22 for an iron on – too ex in my opinion.  I’m sure you can find someone locally to do it for you – even a printing store or a store that does t-shirts.

Updating My Techy Chick Resume

I haven’t updated my resume for a long time and recently I’ve been asked if I was interested in some jobs in town – therefore, I’ve decided that I should update my resume.  But I was stumped and sat in front of my computer for hours not knowing where to start until I saw some resume writing help from a   site online.   Pretty cool right?  so next time when friends asked for help with their resumes – I know where to send them.