Sony Bringing Back The Old

I grew up wanting a Sony Walkman and when i could afford the fat one – they had the slim ones coming out – and I wanted that too – but they were way too expensive then.  Then they came out with the midi player and I was more envious – but little did i know that 20 years later – I could now sit back and laugh at myself for wanting such a bulky and heavy looking thing.  But Sony is bringing but the old walkman style player – with its latest cool looking and light weight walkman  – designed for those who are very into sporty games or just very active liftsyle.   Said to be water resistant and has a wire free design – this MP3 player is great for those who goes to the gym.  It has a 2GB storage and one can easily transfer music with the software that comes with it.  Supports both music from the itune and window media player and the best part of it is – that its battery can last up to 11hrs of playtime and 3 mins of charging gives you 90 mins of playtime – now that’s pretty awesome right?  how much is it?  only $60 USD – not a bad price at all – I can get one too – awesome!

Easter Present For A Techy Kid

So you still haven’t bought any presents for your 7 years old for Easter?  well try the Hello Kitty MP 3 player for only $34.99.  But some people gave their review saying that it was cheap plastic – and can be easily broken and also it uses only AAA batteries – so it will get expensive – but if you are not looking for a long term music machine for a kit – this would do for now, afterall, most kids love the colorful face plate more than a plain color shuffle right?  Check out for this product.

Baby Loves Music

Now why didn’t they have this when my kid was a baby ??!!!??  I would have gotten it for her – for sure – for it records your voice – or even the grandparents if you so choose to – that way – if you leave your kid with your babysitter – and he or she misses you – the teddy bear MP3 Baby Bidou player can play back the message for her.   Better still for me – I can ask Grampie to sponsor – with that exact excuse muahahahha!!!  But seriously, the MP3 player is kid friendly and comes with some classic baby’s music and songs.  Plus, it won’t annoy you because you can set the volume at whatever level you choose.  So move over Fisher Price – here comes Baby Bidou – and it has a built in speaker – all for the price of $59 from Think Geek – order online lah! of course!

Please make a pink one!

Juicy Couture For Your MP3 Speaker

I’m not a fan of Juicy Couture but I know of someone who is crazy about it – she has everything of Juicy Couture.  I don’t really know what’s the fuss about it – except that it is expensive.  But with a kid – who loves pink stuff – and shimmer stuff – I won’t be surprised if she got into it too.

This MP3 Shimmer wallet for your MP3 Speakers goes for $88 and I figured if you do have a MP3 or even any music thing that kids have these days – they won’t mind getting it.  I think the teenagers are the best to get this for.  What do you think?  so mums and dads who don’t know what to get for their teenagers – check this out at Juicy Couture, i bet – they will think you are super cool.

Learn Chinese With A Pen

The 2-in-1 Language Learning (English and Mandarin) plus MP3 Pen is a language learning system designed for people who want to learn speaking English and Mandarin. It is easy to use and it’s an efficient way to learn English and Mandarin. The language learning material contains 1217 words and sentences in Chinese and English. As you touch the pen to the word or sentence on the page, you will hear a loud and clear pronunciation of the word or sentence. You will learn many common and useful words and sentences which are commonly used in our social life. It also provides IPA symbols (International Phonetic Alphabet) for learners to understand the phonetic system. Learning Pen also supports MP3 playback, lets you enjoy music and learning on the go.  It is actually only at $79 but shipping is $20 (daylight robbery) eh.

Zen Fun MP3 Player, Zen Moo

I think Creative is trying to woo the really young customers.. or the gals.. with this new Zen Moo. It comes with an assortment of colors.. and i really think that they are cute, although some people may beg to differ.  Would I buy it ..?? sure.. why not.. if the price is right.  But given that it is screenless.. and has 2gb of memory and even has a game.. like tamogotchi .. where you feed and train the cow.. it is probably really meant for younger kids.  With that in mind.. i’m hoping that it won’t cost so much.  Oh .. they even have some cow speakers to go with it.