Grooming The Geek


The spouse is quite the geek , in terms of looks and dressing.  He doesn’t really bother about how he looks as long as he is clean.  So with a birthday coming up really soon , what do one get for him?  I get him this aftershave that I know he uses all the time , but this year, I decided to look  for pinaud after shave  because I’ve heard good things about it.   Grooming the geek isn’t easy, but someone has to do it.

Smart T-Shirt


French company Cityzen Sciences has developed this smart shirt that not only measure statistic but your heart rate.  Great for sports men/women out there, so Antoine Ormieres said.  A very interesting concept and for those who are very much into fitness, this smart t-shirt may just be the thing for you.  It also tells you how many calories you’ve lost besides your heart rate and other vitals.

Diabetic Bear


I wished they had this bear much earlier because we know a few kids who have diabetes when they were really young and this bear would be a life saver for the parents and kids.  I would have definitely bought this for my friend’s kids because I have Type 2 diabetes and I know how hard it is for an adult to understand everything about diabetes therefore must be much harder for kids.

At $299 a bear, this bear was specially invented to aid diabetic kids and it would be great for every kid that is newly diagnose with diabetic to have one.  Kids can give the bear insulin and connect to games that are related to diabetic and educate themselves.  You can also donate a bear to a child who is diagnose with diabetes by donating online at Indiegogo.

Health Insurance For Geeks


A customer was just talking about health insurance provided by her company from  greensboro nc  and had also included that folks like us who works behind a desk do not need any kind of insurance.   She figured we don’t have health hazard nor will we get hurt in our type of job, so why waste money with insurance.  Of course, everyone needs health insurance , even geeks like us do get ill and we might get diabetes or may break our arms or legs due to an unforeseen accident.

 No one knows when one is going to get ill like myself.  I was like in my late 30s when I found out that I was diabetic and had I known that I will have diabetes I would have gotten my health insurance much earlier.  After learning that I’m diabetic, it was harder for me to get any insurance company to insure me.

Especially for those like us who sits behind the desk on a daily basis and eating at wrong time of the day with no schedule because of our workload, moreso, we have to get insured.  So if you are a geek or know anyone who works constantly sitting behind a desk, make sure you get him or her to get some kind of health insurance.

Smart Yoga Mat


A smart yoga mat that can tell you whether you are doing your yoga correctly or not – now isn’t that awesome!  one don’t have to go to a yoga class for your yoga anymore.   Apparently it’s called a Beacon yoga mat and it’s still in the makings, we don’t know the price yet but this is what they say below about it.

Say namaste to your boring old yoga mat! Introducing Beacon, the smart mat that provides interactive guidance. Beacon communicates via bluetooth or USB cable with your laptop or smartphone to track progress, provide feedback, and help perfect your pose. Thanks to the embedded LEDs and pressure sensors, it turns purple to show you the correct position, red in areas where you’re applying too much pressure, and green when you are accurately balanced.

Mine Condoms

Condoms for liberated woman like us ?  Even men finds it embarrassing to buy condoms in the local pharmacy, so it’s much more embarrassing for the women folks?  But for the modern women like us, we should be able to buy our own condoms, have a healthy sex life and be able to protect ourselves against unwanted diseases and pregnancy at this time and age.

The packaging for the Mine condoms were designed by a group of art student for women folks of this century.  The idea is to eliminate any embarrassing stigma that women may have purchasing their own condoms or having pleasure with sex without making them feel like a whore or slut because they are having protected sex.

Mine condoms can be bought online and would  probably be on sale in retail stores soon.

Swimming For Geeks

I don’t know why people would think that geeks only sits in front of the computer all day and eat pizzas and play games.  This is  highly  untrue because I know of many geeky friends who exercises everyday and I know of a group of geek swimmers.  And if you are wondering how one can go swimming if they are of a larger size, well there are  plus size swim dresses  to be bought online silly!  and yes, I wear one of those too and I love swimming.  Once upon a time, I used to be shy about my regular swimming costume but now that I know where to find plus size swim dresses, I go regularly for swimming with my kid.  We loved swimming together and usually have a blast.  So yes, geeks loved swimming too and yes, there are plus size dresses for us.  There you have it.

Exercise With Geeks

Many people make fun of us geeks – and I don’t blame them because most people think that we lived our life in front of the computer only and playing computer games.  In fact, geeks make fun of geeks when it comes to exercising and that a geek could only be motivated to exercise if it was a computer game.   But you and I know it’s not true – we do exercise a lot too and yoga is my favorite.  I have a  yoga mat  with me in the car at all times, so that whenever a girlfriend called up to go for some exercises, I can whip out the yoga mat and go to the yoga studio or even to their houses/home.  Yoga is a good form of exercise, it relaxes the body and mind – try it sometime.

Hello Kitty Breast Implants

Bizarre ??  VERY!  really someone would put in Hello Kitty Breast implants?   Nahhh!  they are not implants !  thank God!  they are just Hello kitty soap.  Sigh of relief i hear there ?  hahaha!!!  for me too!  Now as soap – they are pretty cute right?  and even though I’m a geek – I still can love Hello Kitty stuff.   I found some on Etsy but not the exact same though.

Healthy Geeky Chick

I truly pride myself for taking good care of myself even though I do sit in front of the computer too much.  I love my yoga sessions 3 times a week and I go religiously too.  I have this thick yoga mat  that I bring along with me – instead of using one at the yoga studio.  Folks think that geeky chicks don’t exercise a lot – but this geeky chick love looking good – so yoga and eating well is very important to me.  So if you have this idea that girls/women who loved to sit in front of their computer all day are fat and sloppy – then you cannot be more wrong.  I loved to look good and staying healthy is extremely important to me.